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Get crazy fast Internet at the Jefferson

These days, concert-goers don’t just observe, they participate. Whether its on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook, going to a show is about capturing and sharing moments.

That’s why it’s important to have the fastest Wi-Fi around at the Jefferson.

Starting today, concert-goers at the Jefferson can connect to Ting’s crazy fast fiber Internet for free while watching their favourite artists. You can upload posts to social media and engage with performers and other audience members. And no matter how big the crowd is, you’ll always get a great connection on Ting.

So, why the free Internet? It’s a part of a larger program to allow Charlottesville residents to experience gigabit outside of their homes. Ting is available at the places around town that make Charlottesville so special.

What other businesses have free Ting Wi-Fi? Here’s a list.

All about the Jefferson Theater

the jefferson theaterThe Jefferson is a live performance venue located on Charlottesville’s historic Downtown Mall. Built in 1912 and restored in 2009, the Jefferson pays homage to Charlottesville’s history while hosting today’s latest and greatest small and big name artists.

The 2009 restoration of the theater captured a real piece of American history. The original stage played host to historic figures like Harry Houdini and The Three Stooges. Today venue-goers will find preserved vintage architecture, two full-service bars, a restored balcony and new facility amenities. Plasterwork columns and ceiling decor, red velvet curtains, dark wood fixtures and checkered black and white floor all contribute to an impressive blend of old with new.

Ting is proud to be providing crazy fast Internet to the Jefferson and its guests. You can catch live rock, bluegrass, indie, metal, hip-hop and country at the Jefferson and share every minute of it, crazy fast.