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Ting Holly Springs news

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Laying the groundwork in Holly Glen


Construction of our fiber network began in earnest in Holly Glen early last month. We caught up with the team responsible for this “dirt and hard work” phase of construction as they began laying the foundation for fiber in the Holly Glen neighborhood. The first in Holly Springs to get crazy fast fiber Internet.

The construction process

Our teams work hard to minimize the disruption when laying the conduit that is the groundwork for the fiber network here in Holly Springs.

Installation of Ting FiberAll construction occurs within the right of way and we go to great lengths to leave everything as we found it. While the right of way the Town’s property and we’ve gone through the exhaustive permitting process to get the OK to build there, we understand and respect that it is part of the homeowner’s lawn. To that end, and to keep the mess to a minimum, we’re using the latest construction methods, as outlined in this video above.

Our contract construction teams are on board with our goal to minimize disruption and to be respectful of the overall feeling of the neighborhood, including individual homeowner’s own landscaping efforts.

Taking a long view

Looking longer term, laying down infrastructure to provide Holly Springs with next generation Internet is vital for Holly Springs to remain competitive. We echo the Town’s sentiment: We want Holly Spring to be a place where the younger generation sees boundless possibilities for their own future. Crazy fast fiber Internet is a long-term infrastructure investment that makes that kind of thinking possible.

That is to say that the “dirt and hard work” phase of network construction is a short-term disruption for long-term gain.

If a homeowner, an HOA or, really, anyone at all has an issue with the ongoing construction, we definitely want and need to hear about it. We’re not a nameless, faceless Internet service provider. We want to be your Internet service provider and we’re working hard to demonstrate that we deserve your trust.