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Meet the Leister family

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Cassie Rill is a student at McDaniel College. She’s writing for us this semester as part of their new course, “Write for Main Street.”

Meet the Leisters

leisterfamilyMeet the Leister family, a young and growing family with two children from the Westminster area. They have been Ting customers since fiber Internet first became available in their area back in September 2015. They were excited to tell us about the many ways they’ve been getting the most out of their Internet connection at home.

Their usage includes a wide variety of tools that they use in their everyday life, but no one has to worry about what anyone else is doing because there are no usage caps. What’s more, connections do not drag or slow down when multiple family members are connected to the Internet at the same time.

A typical day of Internet usage

Stephanie is currently going to school at UMUC where she is taking all of her classes online. She relies on the Internet on a daily basis to work on assignments, to view videos or complete homework. She also enjoys social media, playing games on her tablet and video calling internationally.

Her husband, Wayne, is an IT Professional that works from home quite regularly, along with being the “local computer guy” that friends and family come to for help. So having a reliable and fast Internet through Ting is a must for him in order to work at home and be close to his family.

Their children like to spend time after school and on the weekends using the Internet to stream videos and music, play video games and socialize with friends. They especially like playing multiplayer games where they can interact with people from around the world in real time. They take advantage of Ting’s crazy fast Internet speeds to do activities for school while they’re at home as well.

Cutting the Cord

Since they signed up for the gig, Stephanie told us their family was able to completely “cut the cord,” getting rid of cable for Internet streaming alternatives.

“We have totally ditched cable and have embraced all digital options. I was worried about missing all our favorite programs however, that never happened thanks to all the options available with fiber Internet.”

The family now has Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Gaia streaming online. All of their TVs are equipped with Roku’s. They also include HBO Now and Stars (through Amazon Prime) when their favorite shows are on those channels.

Now the Leisters never have to go without. No more worries about missing their favorite shows or that the cable service may go out right in the middle. They don’t experience those kinds of problems with Ting.

Genuinely helpful help

Wayne told us that the few times they had contact with customer service, the calls were answered promptly by someone local. Ting’s support representatives are always super helpful, Wayne said, and their concern was taken care of very quickly.

Crazy fast fiber Internet means the Leister family can do everything they want to do online without experiencing slowdowns or other copper Internet annoyances. The family is happily exploring technology that will simplify their lives.

Perhaps the truest endoresment of all: The Leister family told us they’re so happy with Ting Internet service that they’ve decided to give Ting mobile phone service a go as well.