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Sandpoint, ID

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Ask an Exec: So, Sandpoint… are Ting execs into snow sports, by chance?

There’s no denying that Sandpoint, ID, at the foot of Schweitzer Mountain, is a beautiful place. Doubly so if you’re into snowboarding and skiing.

So, is there any truth to the rumor that Adam Eisner, Director of Ting Internet, picked Sandpoint just so he could expense sweet snow sport vacations? Or is there something more delicious afoot?

Sling TV fights back against new competition


Last year, we took a look at Sling TV as the up and coming way to watch cable channels streaming online without the need for a long-term cable contract.

Recently, Sling TV has made some exciting changes to their service in order to combat new cable company competition, so we figured an updated review was in order.

Ask an Exec: Why does Ting Internet require $9 to pre-order?

In a Ting Internet town, we use pre-orders to gauge demand and guide the network build. So, why does Ting Internet require $9 to place a pre-order? Why not just take an email address or some other expression of interest and call it good?

Elliot Noss, CEO of Tucows, can speak to that. Essentially, we’re using the $9 pre-orders to measure real intention, which helps us plan where to begin building the network by identifying areas with the most interest. This blog post takes a slightly deeper dive into the subject.

How to Watch Major League Baseball without Paying for Cable


Live in New York but root for the St. Louis Cardinals? Live in California and love the Detroit Tigers?

We’ve got a few suggestions on how both in and out-of-market cord cutters can legally watch MLB on TV, without agreeing to a two-year contract.

Ask an Exec: Where do you find efficiencies between towns?

When you’re laying and lighting geographically separated fiber networks, you learn a thing or two along the way.

Tucows CEO Elliot Noss explains when one-size-fits-all is the right approach and when hyper local is the best way to go.

How to watch your movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere with Plex


Put down the laptop and HDMI cable. If you’ve got a library of movies or other such content and you’d like to watch them up on the big screen, you need Plex.

With Plex, your computer (laptop, network storage drive…) becomes the server and your set top box or smart TV becomes the client. It’s high tech home network stuff with a bare minimum of networking knowledge required.

You can even stream your stuff over the Internet to wherever you may roam.