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Greater Sandpoint, ID

Covering the cities of Sandpoint, Dover, Ponderay, Kootenai

Help us decide where to build crazy fast fiber Internet next. Pre-order today

How to find 4K content online


4K content is the next level of HD with about four times the resolution of regular 1080p HD content. This makes 4K (also called Ultra High Definition or UHD) content look crisp and clean on ultra-high-res screens. If you want the most vibrant image possible, 4K is what you should be looking for.

Surprisingly, traditional cable TV providers offer very little 4K live content and only a small selection of on-demand content. This leaves viewers in a quandary as to where they can find 4K content.

Why does pre-ordering Ting Internet cost $9?

fiber$9 isn’t a lot of money by most accounts. Still, if someone is asking you to fork over $9, you may, quite reasonably, have a couple questions as to why and what you’re getting in return. Let’s break it down.

We’re looking at pre-orders as “votes” for a particular neighborhood or part of town. Building crazy fast fiber Internet networks isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy. Obviously, an individual contributing $9 isn’t going to have any real financial impact on the build. That is to say, it’s not so much about the money as it is about getting skin in the game, so to speak.

Building the infrastructure needed to get a neighborhood connected then connecting whole streets and individual houses with fiber to the home doesn’t happen overnight. There’s a lot of work and initial investment involved. There are certain thresholds of interest that need to be met before the effort makes sense.

Cord cutting saves not only money, but time


Time. You can’t get it back.

Everyone is busy in life, whether they’re single, child-free people with busy social lives, or families with kids, sports, work, and a hundred other things to do. With so many demands on your time, have you ever stopped to consider how much of that time you spend watching ads on TV?

Commercials add up epically over a full season. Let’s take a look at the how much time you can save on average simply by cutting the cord and skipping the advertisements.

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People are watching what happens here in Sandpoint…

If Sandpoint, Idaho Can Support a Gigabit Fiber ISP, So Can Your Town

Have a question about Ting Internet in Sandpoint? Or just want to say hi face to face? Please join us at a community meeting on March 9 from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware that Ting Internet is planning to come to the Greater Sandpoint Area.

Vice’s Motherboard, of which we’re fans, said this about that in a piece by Jason Koebler titled If Sandpoint, Idaho Can Support a Gigabit Fiber ISP, So Can Your Town.

“Ting, a startup internet service provider that currently offers gigabit fiber in Charlottesville, Virginia and Westminster, Maryland and is planning a buildout in Holly Springs, North Carolina, says that the Idaho town of about 8,000 will be its next gigabit city.

Why should you, who is likely not a resident of Sandpoint, care about a small startup entering a small town 60 miles south of the Canadian border?”

They get what’s going on here in Sandpoint, and why it’s important. While they may have missed the things that make Greater Sandpoint unique (being 60-miles south of the Canadian border is hardly your biggest selling point) they’re dead on that what we’re trying to do here could have a big impact on fiber in the rest of the country.

Bringing crazy fast fiber Internet to where it’s needed and wanted most — whether that’s a major metro or a hamlet — isn’t just important, we’re demonstrating that it’s also smart business… and that people don’t have to suffer with slow speeds and unreliable access just because they don’t live in a major metropolitan area.

Let’s do this thing

All of our efforts here would be for naught if local people and businesses aren’t behind bringing crazy fast fiber Internet in the Greater Sandpoint Area.

Let us know you want better Internet. Pre-order Ting Internet for $9. Aside from casting a vote for fiber in Sandpoint, you also cast a vote for crazy fast fiber Internet to come to your neighborhood first.

Pre-order today

Come say hi on Wednesday, March 9

Hello, Sandpoint, Kootenai, Dover and Ponderay. We’re Ting and you may have heard that we’d like to bring crazy fast fiber Internet to the Greater Sandpoint area.

We’d love to meet you and we’re not content to rely on a chance meeting in the street for that to happen. While we’ve heard good things about the odds of meeting people on Tinder, that somehow doesn’t seem like the right approach either.

No, we’re going old school with this one. We’ll be hosting a little community meeting / Q&A session on March 9 from 5:30 to 7:30pm. We’ll be in the Community room of the Columbia Bank Center

No RSVP is required. There will be light refreshments. Everyone is welcome: Tech heads and neophytes. If you can’t wait to be a customer and get crazy fast fiber Internet in your neighborhood or if you want to know why you should trust Ting to bring it to you. If you’re wondering how fiber Internet differs from the slow, unreliable satellite Internet access you might be used to or if you’re just plain wondering why anyone would want not just a faster connection to the Internet but the fastest Internet connection… Well. You might want to mark your calendar, is all we’re saying.

Live 24/7 news without paying for cable TV


Being a cord cutter used to mean giving up access to 24/7 live news coverage. Fortunately, cord cutters now have an abundance of live news resources from which to choose.  

Cord cutters want live, 24/7 news and with this being an election year, it is more important than ever to stay informed. So we’ve put together a list of resources that will help you keep current with breaking news no matter which type of device you’re using.

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