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People are watching what happens here in Sandpoint…

If Sandpoint, Idaho Can Support a Gigabit Fiber ISP, So Can Your Town

Have a question about Ting Internet in Sandpoint? Or just want to say hi face to face? Please join us at a community meeting on March 9 from 5:30 to 7:30pm.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware that Ting Internet is planning to come to the Greater Sandpoint Area.

Vice’s Motherboard, of which we’re fans, said this about that in a piece by Jason Koebler titled If Sandpoint, Idaho Can Support a Gigabit Fiber ISP, So Can Your Town.

“Ting, a startup internet service provider that currently offers gigabit fiber in Charlottesville, Virginia and Westminster, Maryland and is planning a buildout in Holly Springs, North Carolina, says that the Idaho town of about 8,000 will be its next gigabit city.

Why should you, who is likely not a resident of Sandpoint, care about a small startup entering a small town 60 miles south of the Canadian border?”

They get what’s going on here in Sandpoint, and why it’s important. While they may have missed the things that make Greater Sandpoint unique (being 60-miles south of the Canadian border is hardly your biggest selling point) they’re dead on that what we’re trying to do here could have a big impact on fiber in the rest of the country.

Bringing crazy fast fiber Internet to where it’s needed and wanted most — whether that’s a major metro or a hamlet — isn’t just important, we’re demonstrating that it’s also smart business… and that people don’t have to suffer with slow speeds and unreliable access just because they don’t live in a major metropolitan area.

Let’s do this thing

All of our efforts here would be for naught if local people and businesses aren’t behind bringing crazy fast fiber Internet in the Greater Sandpoint Area.

Let us know you want better Internet. Pre-order Ting Internet for $9. Aside from casting a vote for fiber in Sandpoint, you also cast a vote for crazy fast fiber Internet to come to your neighborhood first.

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