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Ting Internet upgrades all customers to 1000 Mbps

Fast, reliable access to the Internet and all it entails has never been more important than it is right now.

Many of us are working from home, some while trying to find ways to keep kids on track and engaged at the same time. Every situation is different and there is no precedent for a lot of the stuff we’re working through together, but Internet access as vital service is a consistent through-line.

Ting Internet is deploying several initiatives during this crisis to help our customers and communities. Now, we are upgrading all non-gigabit customers to symmetrical gigabit (that is, 1000 Mbps download and 1000 Mbps upload) for the next 60 days in an effort to help.  

Ting Internet builds its fiber networks with the future in mind. The increase in bandwidth consumption that comes with people working at home all day, kids doing school work remotely, accessing services and news developments online, video conferencing and so on has not had any impact whatsoever on the quality of service Ting Internet customers experience. By the same token, upgrading non-gigabit customers “Home Basic” customers to full symmetrical gigabit, 1000 Mbps access will have absolutely no negative impact on the network.

If you are a customer using a lower tier of Ting fiber Internet, you don’t have to do anything. The upgrade will be handled by our teams remotely. You’ll just notice an increase in your connection speed and capacity. You will not see any change on your bill. You do not have to call to cancel at the end of 60 days.

Drive-up fiber hotspots

This temporary upgrade to gigabit service for “Home Basic” customers is one effort we’re making to help people get the access they so need. Free fiber-fed public Wi-Fi hotspots are another. Learn more about Ting Park and Wi-Fi hotspots in our blog post. We’ll continue to look for ways we can help in the communities we serve while making the safety of our team, our customers and the community at large our primary concern.

New fiber installation

While we’ve stopped in-home installation in response to COVID-19 concerns, we continue to look for ways to get individuals and organizations access to faster and more reliable gigabit fiber Internet. We’re actively evaluating our installation practices and looking for ways we can eliminate or minimize the indoor portion of installation. We expect to have more to share on that subject soon.