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Ting Westminster news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

Construction is underway in Westminster

You’ve probably already seen the construction crews around town, dropping conduit in the ground alongside roads to build the Westminster Fiber Network.

That’s great news because with each foot of conduit that goes into the ground, the municipal fiber network is one foot closer to completion.

It’s not great news for fence-sitters, though: The window for Phase 1 to pre-order Ting crazy fast fiber Internet is swinging shut and on December 1, 2016, it will close for good for phase 1 neighborhoods: Stoneridge Overlook, Bolton Hill, Cliveden Reach, Whispering Meadows, Village of Meadow Creek. It’s not like you can’t get Ting Internet after that date (that would not be a very sustainable business model) but the unprecedented discounts on gigabit fiber Internet offered to pre-orders will go away.

“Unprecedented discounts on gigabit fiber Internet,” you say? Indeed. $200 to apply to the $99 installation cost with the remainder ($101) going toward purchase of the Ting Internet Box ($200) or to put toward your monthly Ting gigabit Internet service. Just check your address and place a pre-order before December 1, 2016 to lock in these discounts.


So what’s happening with the fiber network?

The crews you’ve seen around town are laying conduit. That’s the rigid tubing that routes and protects the thin glass strands that actually connect homes and businesses to the larger Internet.

If you follow these things, you may have heard that global demand for fiber is currently outstripping supply. While that affirms the strategic move the City made by choosing to build the Westminster Fiber Network, it does complicate things somewhat. That said, Westminster’s fiber is on its way and will arrive soon.

The fact the fiber hasn’t yet arrived isn’t holding up construction of the network at this point; conduit is going into the ground every day. As soon as your fiber arrives on the scene, the team will carefully pull it through the conduit that’s already in the ground.