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Ting Westminster news

The latest updates from the Ting Team in your town

Construction begins in Phase 4

phase 4

In our Westminster progress reports, we offer as much information as we possibly can on the fiber network build process. We’ll also talk about Ting events, promotions and some of the work we’re doing in the Westminster community. Check back regularly to keep up to date on the latest.

In our last update, we announced that installations were underway in Phase 3 of the Westminster Fiber Network. Construction continues and is partially complete in Phase 3, with the City having finished most of their work in the area.

All of Phase 3 can fill out an access agreement and order Ting service.

Remember, if you want Ting, you have to do both of those things.

  1. Fill out an access agreement at
  2. Order Ting service at

Railway permitting and Area E and F of Phase 3

There’s two areas of Phase 3 where construction action has slowed down. These areas are known as Areas E and F in the city’s build plan.

We’re almost ready to start installing homes in Areas E and F. The only thing preventing the City and Ting from lighting up customers is a permit from the railroad allowing fiber lines to cross it. This is important because the connection to the greater Internet for your home happens at the new Central Office that was erected in front of City Hall.  

Phase 3

To keep the ball rolling, the City of Westminster has decided to construct fiber drops to homes. If you live in this area and you’ve pre-ordered Ting and signed your access agreement, a fiber drop will be brought to your home in the near future.

If you live one one of the following streets in Phase 3, you already have or will be getting a notice about this drop via email.

Area E: Carroll St, Hersh Ave, James St, John St, Kemper Ave, East Main St, Marbeth Hill, Milton Ave, Monarchs Dr, Monroe St, Pennsylvania Ave, Union St, Ward Ave and Wimert Ave.

Area F: South Center St, North Church St, North Court St, Distillery Dr, Locust Ln, Locust St, Longwell Ave, on East Main St from 270 and below, Railroad Ave, Tuc Rd, Willis St.

Please understand that this drop will not be live. We won’t be able to schedule your Ting Internet installation at this time, but rest assured, once the network is live in your area, we’ll let you know and our customer service team will be ready to get your installation scheduled as soon as possible.

Phase 4 construction has begun

Construction has officially begun in Phase 4. The City of Westminster is hard at work putting all the necessary infrastructure in place to bring fiber to homes and businesses in the area. Look out for the city’s crews and give them a wave.

Phase 4

If you’re located in Phase 4 and want Ting, don’t forget to pre-order and sign your access agreement.

Pre-order to secure your discount

A pre-order is a one-time $9 charge that is refunded to you on your first Ting bill.

When you pre-order Ting gigabit service by the deadline, you get $200 off your start-up costs (including installation and your first bill).

When you pre-order Ting 10/10 service by the deadline you get $50 off your start-up costs (including installation and your first bill).

The deadline to pre-order in Phase 4 is December 31, 2018.

Pre-order Ting

Fill out your access agreement

An access agreement gives the city and its contractors permission to bring a fiber drop to your home or business. A fiber drop is the last bit of fiber that gets you connected directly to the network.

Once your address is ready for fiber, the city will bring the fiber drop to be installed at your property when you decide to purchase Ting services.

You can fill out an access agreement right from our website when you’re going through the pre-order process.

Ting around town

The Ting Team attended the chamber of commerce golf tournament on July 13 and had a booth at the Westminster Farmers Market on July 14 and 28, plus August 11 and August 18. We had activities for kids while their parents shopped.

On July 24, the Ting Team hosted an information table at the Carroll County Arts Center movie night. The film screened was The Princess Bride.


Ting Marketing Director, Trish McLean was a judge for this year’s Carroll Biz Challenge. Ting is a founding sponsor and we always love to hear all the exciting pitches coming out of Carroll County entrepreneurs and business owners. A huge congratulations goes out to Grand Prize winner and People’s Choice Award winner Brewery Fire.

On August 18, the Ting Team participated in a Habitat for Humanity build. Along with Habitat staff and the home’s future residents, we spent the day painting doors, molding, installing baseboards and filling nail holes. The residents will have a beautiful home when the restoration is complete and we’re proud to have been a part of it.

phase 4

Ting participated in the Shepherd’s Staff Back to School drive, taking donations of back to school supplies to help kids in need in the Carroll County area.

Ting is a presenting sponsor of this year’s Fallfest! Join Ting and your community from September 27 to 30 for special events and entertainment. We’ll have two Ting booths, one at the entrance and a larger tent inside hosting different games that showcase Ting gigabit Internet. The Ting Makerspace will be open during Fallfest too. Swing by or check out the calendar for fun events this fall.

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