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Refer your friends and neighbors for a chance to win a year of free service!

refer your friends and neighbors

This May and June, take advantage of our regular referral program and successfully refer a friend to Ting. You and your friend will both be entered into a draw to win a year of free service. That’s worth $1,068!

The more people you refer, the more entries you get!

When you refer a friend to Ting, you always get a month of free service and gift your friend $99 off Ting gigabit. You can score some free service when you refer a friend to Ting, even outside of the Ting friendzy giveaway. It’s a win-win.

We’re drawing one referrer winner and one referee winner on June 22.

How does the Ting friendzy free service giveaway work?

Step 1: Find a friend

Find a friend or neighbor who doesn’t have Ting Internet and give them your Ting account email.

Step 2: Refer them

When your friend orders Ting, they should also call our team at 443-201-7207 to mention they’ve been referred by you. They’ll provide your Ting account email.

Step 3: Score service and get entered

A free month for you and a discount for your friend. During Ting friendzy, you’ll both be entered to win a year of free service!

How many people can I refer? How many entries can I get?

When someone you refer signs up for Ting and provides your email over the phone, you’ll be entered into our Ting friendzy giveaway. You get unlimited referral entries.

You’ll get a month of free service for every successful referral too. Free service months from referrals are unlimited.

How can I refer a friend?

There are a ton of ways to refer people to Ting and we’ve shared some easy ones below. If you have service on your street, your neighbors do too. The next time you see them around town or walking their dog, mention that you can get them an exclusive break on their start up costs ($99 off Ting gigabit or $25 off Ting 10/10) plus get them entered to win a year of free service.

Make sure to always share private information like your Ting account email to people you trust. And never share your password!

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

There are a ton of ways to let your friends, family and neighbors know about Ting Internet. You can post about your Ting experience on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and let people know to direct message you so you can share your email privately.


Nextdoor is a social media website and app that connects you with your real life, geographic neighbors to share info about what’s going on in your community.

Nextdoor is also a source for recommendations and referrals. Many of your neighbors may not have heard of Ting, so if you’re having a great experience why not spread the word?

Who can I refer?

refer your neighbors

Anyone on the Westminster Fiber Network. As long as their address is serviceable, they can get Ting. That’s why we recommend talking to your neighbors who don’t have Ting. It’s a great way to offer them a discount on their start-up costs, while scoring a month of free service yourself.

The neighborly thing to do

Time to shout it from the rooftops. If you love Ting let your neighbors and friends know. Remember, we’re drawing two winners on June 22: one referrer and one referee.

The Ting friendzy giveaway is open to residents on the Westminster Fiber Network only. Contest entrance is made by referring someone to Ting Internet or by being referred to Ting Internet. A referral is considered eligible when the referee orders Ting service.