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The Baltimore Sun highlights Westminster’s fiber initiative

People are paying attention to what’s happening here in Westminster.

The Baltimore Sun ran a front-page story about the city’s quest to attract better Internet options. It talks a fair bit about Westminster and how we’re working together to make crazy fast fiber Internet happen here. The article speaks highly of your city and of the decision to build a fiber backbone, highlighting this approach as a potential solution to the same-old Internet access that Baltimore currently has available… and to being passed over by Google for what it perceives to be greener pastures.

Check out the full story online.

“It was clear nobody else was going to do it for us,” said Dr. Robert Wack, City Council president for Westminster, which lit up a fiber-optic network it has begun building for its residents and businesses this summer.

“… At the end of the day, it’s just like any other infrastructure project we undertake… I think that’s how every municipality and local government should approach this. This is just another type of infrastructure in the 21st century.”

In the video accompanying the article, Valerie Bortz, City Manager for Westminster with Ting, provides commentary on the installation process while technicians, Chris Treece and Katrece Rabb, wire for Catholic Charities Villa Maria Community Resources of Carroll County for speed. She explains how the fiber is being installed and gives a bit of behind the scenes look at what’s involved in getting a home or business connected with crazy fast fiber Internet.