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Ting in partnership with the Carroll County Public Library in Westminster, MD

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Carroll County Public Library

Ting’s partnership with the Carroll County Public Library

The Westminster Branch of the Carroll County Public Library (CCPL) is embedded in the community of Westminster and Carroll County at large. The library has been a hub from its early beginnings, evolving over the years from your standard library to community leader and soon-to-be makerspace site for innovation, collaboration and connection.

We had the chance to catch up with Lynn Wheeler, Executive Director of the Carroll County Public Library, and talk about the library’s history, present and future as well as Ting’s commitment to Exploration Commons, a community makerspace, collaboration space and culinary center to be opened at the Westminster CCPL in the spring of 2020.

Carroll County Public Library

The Carroll County Public Library: a rich local history

The Westminster branch of the CCPL first opened its doors in 1980 at 50 East Main Street. The library was a community fixture from the start, and when this new library was completed, a parade of customers and staff hand-delivered the books from the old Davis Library location to the new branch.

“In 2009 the interior of the Westminster Branch was renovated thanks to a State Capital Grant and matching funds from the Carroll County Board of Commissioners,” says Wheeler. “In 2010, following a community input process, the park in front of the library was completely renovated to include a stage and sculpture. The stately Wild Imaginings by local resident and world-renowned sculptor, Bart Walter, quickly became an iconic element of Main Street.”

Carroll County Public Library

Today, the library is a source for books, magazines, newspapers, audio, video and e-collections for download and streaming. Regular programming includes the Battle of the Books reading competitions and themed storytimes for children. The CCPL regularly hosts groups in their meeting rooms like the Carroll District Boy Scouts of America, homeowners associations, American Red Cross volunteer training and more. Community members drop by the library to access computers and Wi-Fi as well as participate in maker activities, lectures and book clubs.

“We connect our community with welcoming spaces, innovative resources and services, and educational experiences for lifetime enrichment.”

Exploration Commons and investing in the future of Carroll County

Carroll County Public LibraryIn 2018, CCPL will begin renovating the basement of the Westminster Branch. This project will transform the empty 14,000 square foot space into Exploration Commons.

Exploration Commons will be a highly interactive space featuring maker tools and tech, a meeting space and a culinary center. The space will be a place where people, ideas and tools come together, providing the community with accessible resources, space and technology.

Ting has committed to $20,000 in funding to go towards the development and launch of Exploration Commons. Ting will also be consolidating our Makerspace resources with Exploration Point, donating all our equipment to the CCPL and providing a full-time staff member when the new makerspace opens.

“In partnership with Ting, we now have an opportunity to expand our shared resource role by providing hi-tech tools and workspaces to help people create new products and services that will further improve their lives.”

Carroll County Public Library