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Ting Westminster news

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Westminster: Let’s roll out


Hello Westminster!

Thank you for your interest in fiber Internet access from Ting. Here’s an update on our progress.


We are excited to announce that the fiber network is almost complete! The city’s contractors have almost finished construction and we are working on the final touches, which mostly involves installing the necessary electronics to light the network. We celebrated the lighting of our city’s network on June 26 at a special fiber lighting ceremony with the city and will turn up service over the summer. The initial service areas will be:

• Carroll County Air Business Center
• Carroll Commerce Center
• West Branch Trade Center
• Westminster Technology Park
• Carroll Lutheran Village
• Fairway Drive and adjoining streets

Access agreements – last call (for now)

If you’re in one of these areas and are interested in bringing fiber to your premises, you need to sign a city access agreement (unless you live in Carroll Lutheran Village, where an agreement is not necessary). The City is wrapping up the first round of home and businesses passes, so sign up to make sure you don’t have to wait for the next round. You can find the residential form here and the business form here. Once you’ve signed the agreement, please return it to

Please note there is no charge to bring fiber to your premises. Once you’ve done that and Ting Internet has launched in Westminster, you’ll be able to sign up for one of our service packages. Then, when we turn on your service, you’ll live happily ever after with crazy fast gigabit Internet!


Our residential pricing provides two simple choices – outstanding speed at a reasonable price or reasonable speed at an outstanding price. Both come with unlimited monthly data usage.

Our business pricing is affordable, powerful and also comes with unlimited data usage.

Sign up now!

If you have signed an access agreement and live in one of the initial service areas, you can sign up for service now! Visit (or scroll to the top of this page), enter your address, select your package and a Ting team member will be in touch with more details about scheduling an installation appointment.

Next phases

For those of you who do not live or work within this phase thinking, “what about me?” don’t worry – we are working with the city now to determine which neighborhoods within Westminster will be next to join the network. We are hoping the next phase of construction will begin later this year, and reach a significant portion of the city! Continue to keep an eye on this blog for continued updates regarding our progress.