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How to use iOS 13’s low data mode

The iOS 13 update that was rolled out in September is Apple’s biggest update to its mobile operating system in years. While there’s all the cool stuff like Dark Mode and PS4 controller compatibility, its best features are those that improve your iPhone’s usability and performance. There’s one feature that we’ve been particularly excited about here at Ting and we think it will be great for our customers: Low Data Mode.

“Pshaw,” we’ve heard some folks say, “that’s just Low Power Mode by another name.” Oh, ye of little faith. While there are some similarities, the new feature definitely zeroes in on further minimizing data use. Like in Low Power Mode, Background App Refresh is turned off. In fact, as a general rule, apps will stop using cellular data unless you’re actively using them. Automatic downloads, updates and backups may all cease and streaming quality may be reduced.

Low Data Mode works particularly well if you live in the Apple ecosystem. While some third-party apps may miss the “easy on the data use, please” memo, Apple-built applications can cut down on your megabyte count. Music, App Store, Podcasts and more will all nix auto-downloads and lower stream quality where applicable. Even iCloud pauses updates and backups, while Facetime lowers video bitrates.

To turn on Low Data Mode for cellular data, just go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and turn the Low Data Mode slider to the ON position. There’s even a Low Data Mode for Wi-Fi, which could be useful when the Wi-Fi network is particularly slow. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, tap the info icon next to the active network and slide that Low Data Mode slider to ON.

As you can tell, this isn’t something you want to have turned on all the time as it has a detrimental effect on your mobile experience. But it’s a lifesaver for those without unlimited data plans who find themselves near to their limit but still need data for the short time before their new cycle begins. 

Low Data Mode will also be a great tool for Ting customers with iPhones who don’t have to worry about plans and pay only for what they use. With our handy app, however, you can set alerts or even limits for the data use of each phone on your account. Low Data Mode can be a great tool to help you stick to your set limits. With an average bill of $23 and the peace of mind of never being locked into a contract, Ting customers enjoy what we like to call Smarter Mobile. See if your phone can come to Ting Mobile!