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Buy or bring a new iPhone to Ting: plus, why we’re excited about eSIM


The title of this post kind of gives it all away but if you’re eyeing iPhone XR, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max and thinking, well I’d love to bring me one of those to Ting, we’ve got great news.

All three new iPhone models will be compatible with Ting and they’ll be available in the Ting Shop. We’ll even have them for pre-order on September 14 for iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max and on October 19 for XR.

If you haven’t heard the latest iPhone news, here’s what we’re excited about in the new models.

iPhone XR starting at $749

  • Brings Apple’s version of “bargain” into the premium line
  • 6.1-inch LCD screen with Retina display
  • Aluminum body with glass back, colorful options
  • 12-megapixel camera, portrait mode, shoots in 4K
  • FaceID
  • Haptic touch
  • iPhone Xs starting at $999

  • A step up from iPhone X
  • 5.8-inch OLED HDR screen with Super Retina display
  • Dual camera 12-megapixel wide and telephoto lenses, shoots in 4K
  • Face ID
  • 3D Touch pressure sensitive screen
  • Dual-SIM card support through eSIM technology
  • iPhone Xs Max starting at $1,099

  • What you’re getting above, but bigger (a 6.5-inch screen)
  • What we’re really excited about? Dual SIM and eSIM

    The most interesting thing to us is eSim. This spoken as one of the exceedingly few MVNOs in the US to have any experience with eSim as it relates to Apple (thanks to an aquisition Ting/Tucows made last year we actually offer eSIM on iPad today).

    While iPhone isn’t for everyone, it’s hard to deny that they’re one of few device makers that can actually drive carriers to change. We’re pretty thrilled to see Apple coming out with phones that are dual and eSIM compatible.

    It seems iPhone Xs and Xs Max will come with one traditional SIM slot and one built in eSIM. Remember the days where your phone was locked to a particular carrier? Think of eSIM as the unlocked SIM card you’ve been dreaming of.

    eSIM tech will enable you, the customer, to move from provider to provider with one less obstacle (ie procuring a SIM card for yourself) in the way. With Dual-SIM in your new iPhone, you’ll be able to switch between phone numbers. You’ll be able to have active lines with multiple carriers at the same time. Think one number for work and one for business all in one phone. Think one line for data roaming and another for calls and texts.

    We’re excited about the Dual-SIM and eSIM aspect of Apple’s announcement. We think any step to eliminate hurdles to switching providers puts more power in the hands of mobile users.

    There’s engineering that needs to take place to get Ting on the list of eSIM carriers. But know that we’re on board with eSIM in a big way and we already have two feet in the door, with our current eSIM iPad placement and our direct Apple relationship. We’re working on it.

    iPhone pre-order coming soon

    September 14 for Xs and Xs Max and October 19 for XR. Don’t forget to follow Ting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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