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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals
no sidewalk camping required

super-sale-hatWe’ll spare you the preamble and just jump right in: We’re having a pretty crazy device sale that runs from midnight ET on November 29 (Black Friday) through 11:59pm ET on December 2 (Cyber Monday). At the same time, anyone that opts to bring a device over to Ting gets a bonus $25 in Ting credit.

Device sale

We’ve put just about every new device we offer on sale. There are very few devices left untouched: Only ones where, if we cut the price, we’d end up paying you. While we’re all about shaking up the industry, that in particular would be what “experts” call an unsustainable business practice.

Hit the Ting Devices page to see what’s on offer. Here are but a few highlights:

As we’ve said, that’s just a taste of what’s on sale. Browse the Ting Devices page to get the full story!

Extra Credit

We dug deep to take between $50 and $100 off just about every device in the Ting lineup. We realized though: Those device deals, great though they may well be, leave out the huge contingent of people that don’t want to buy a device from us. People that would rather activate one they already own on Ting.


Everyone that brings their own device to Ting between 12:00am ET on November 29 (Black Friday) and 11:59pm ET on December 2 (Cyber Monday) gets a one-time bonus $25 in Ting credit.

Read on for the FAQ


What do I need to do, specifically?

  1. Confirm your device is on the Ting BYOD whitelist
  2. Between 12:00am on November 29 and 11:59pm ET on December 2, activate your device on the Bring Yours page
  3. On Tuesday, December 3, we’ll credit your account $25

I’m already a Ting customer. Can I get in on this?

Absolutely. If you bring and activate a device that hasn’t been active on your Ting account previously, we’ll give you $25 in Ting credit.

I’m a new customer. Can I get in on this?

But of course. Just activate a device on Ting using the bring your device to Ting tool.

When will I receive my $25 credit?

Credits will be processed and sent out on Tuesday December 3 when everyone’s back at work.

A friend referred me. Can I get both the refer a friend and this Black Friday / Cyber Monday credit?


I was referred by a podcast or other sponsorship. Is it possible to claim the credit from the podcaster and this Thanksgiving offer too?

Yes. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Anything else I need to know?

Nope. That should about cover it.