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Kajeet customers, $35 credit + $25 for each additional phone you bring to Ting

Choice is the upside of competition. Today we have more choice in cell phone providers… though we had slightly more yesterday. Family-focused carrier Kajeet has decided to shut down its phone service to instead focus on its Internet efforts.

That leaves a number of Kajeet customers making plans for where to take their phone service.

May we present Ting as the most — arguably the only — logical choice for anyone that liked Kajeet’s kids and family focus.

In short: You can bring your Kajeet phones and numbers to Ting and be up and running in minutes. No contracts or BS. Here, you’ll get powerful tools that put you in control.

Displaced Kajeet customers: we think you’ll really like Ting. We’re happy to offer you $35 to get started with one phone. We’ll also credit your account an additional $25 for each additional phone you add to your Ting account. For a family with four phones for example, that’s $110 in Ting credit. Ting credit is automatically applied to your Ting bill total and doesn’t expire.

The average Ting bill is just $23 a month per phone on an account.

$25 additional device credits will be applied on August 23, 2017, the day Kajeet officially closes down its mobile arm.

Why Ting is perfect for Kajeet migrants

You don’t pick a plan on Ting. Rather, you just use what you need and at the end of the month, you pay a fair price for what you used. Granted it takes a little shift in thinking but flexible rates beat the inflexible plans most providers offer.

On Ting, you can have as many active phones as you want on your account. The more you have, the less you pay per phone on average. That’s because all usage is pooled and shared across phones.

Take a look at Ting rates and click around to see what you might pay. Bear in mind, you’re not choosing a plan with Ting. Each month starts at 0 usage and just $6 per active phone on your account. You move up through the levels of minutes, messages and mobile data as you use your phones.

How Ting rates work

Taking control

The Ting control panel as seen in the Ting Android app.

Ting is perfect for families. Parents can set whatever limits and controls they want on their kids (or their own) phones so there’s never an unpleasant surprise on a monthly bill. You control how much or how little talking, texting and mobile data a phone on your account can use in a given month.

Think about how much the family is around Wi-Fi in a given day. Use Wi-Fi for data-heavy tasks like streaming and downloading. Use mobile data for things like navigating and staying in touch on the go. By using Wi-Fi where available, you can save even more on Ting. Simple tricks like this are what keep the average Ting bill at $23 per month, per phone. Even that low number can be pushed lower still with the kind of account and device level control we put in your hands.

Every Ting mobile customer has access to their own easy to understand dashboard and to powerful account tools. It’s easy to set alerts for individual phones or on your account as a whole.

On Ting, you can turn services on or off at the account or phone level. One phone can have unfettered access to mobile data, one could have no access at all. Ditto for long distance, tethering, texting, call forwarding. Even inbound and outbound calling can be allowed or disallowed independently. A neat trick, if we do say so ourselves.

What’s more, you can set alerts or limits on a phone or on your account. For example, if you don’t want the kids phones to ever be able to use more than 250 MB or 1 GB or 333.33 continuing of mobile data (OK, we don’t do decimal places but you get the point) you can set that limit. If you don’t ever want to go over 2 GB in a month on your whole account, you can make it so. Each billing cycle, the counter resets. Once you’ve set your limits, you don’t need to think about them again unless you want to.

You can do all this stuff in your Ting account control panel or in the powerful Ting app.

Ting Android app in the Google Play store

Ting app in the Apple App Store

Your Kajeet phone will work on Ting

Any phone that worked on Kajeet will also work on Ting. Porting your phone numbers is easy. You’ll be up and running on Ting within minutes using the same phones and the same phone numbers you already have on Kajeet.

Real, human help

One of the biggest gripes people have with their phone company is that it’s difficult if not impossible to get a real person on the phone, whether it’s a question you want answered or a problem you need solved. At Ting, we treat people the way we’d like to be treated. When you call, you get a real, smart and empowered person on the phone who’s ready to help. No phone trees to navigate, escalations to work toward or hoops to jump through.

If you have any questions at all, we’re happy to talk. Give us a call at 1-855-846-4389

Get started

Again, we think Kajeet customers will find themselves right at home on Ting. We don’t do plans but with flexible rates and powerful account tools, you can basically build any “plan” you want.

We’re happy to offer you $25 for each phone you bring to Ting to try us out and see if it’s a fit. There’s no risk involved. Ting doesn’t do contracts.

If you choose to take us up on this offer, just run through the process to bring your first phone to Ting. Once it’s here, bringing any other phones on your account is easy. Porting your number to Ting also cancels your Kajeet account. Less paperwork is always a good thing.

Get Started