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Minimalist phone apps for seniors

Older woman using a minimalist phone app

While we don’t want to generalize, it’s fair to say that seniors and technology are not always the best of friends. At the same time, one piece of technology we most certainly want our older relatives to have is a mobile phone. It’s an important safety consideration in case of emergencies and allows them to stay connected with their loved ones.

There are smartphones specifically designed for seniors out there, minimalist phones like the Light Phone and the Palm Phone, and some older phone users prefer to stick with “dumb” phones. If you’ve got an extra Android phone lying around, however, you can make it incredibly simple to use thanks to these minimalist phone apps.

Samsung Easy Mode

If that extra phone of yours is a Samsung, there’s even better news. Samsung phones have an Easy Mode built right in. When this mode is activated, icons and text are magnified. In addition, the home pages are optimized for ease of use. Your first home page displays the time, weather and most vital icons. The next shows the most used contact with large pictures. The last home page shows Settings, Google Play Store and the Magnifier app for those with compromised eyesight. 

Big Launcher

We love this minimalist phone app because it is clearly made not only for seniors but for those with compromised vision and motor skills as well. It’s also great for getting younger children accustomed to a smartphone interface. Icons are very large, but also simplified and color-coded. An SOS button is readily available in case of emergency, and the dial pad is one of the largest and boldest we’ve seen. Only the base launcher app is free, but at $12.99, the full version is worth the investment.

Download Big Launcher

Simple Mode

It’s a bold move to simply name one of these apps “Simple Mode,” but the developers clearly knew they nailed it. The large tiles are as straightforward as they come, with the nice touch that they are translucent, allowing for a cherished background to still be visible. You’ll be able to group similar apps under a parent tile, have tiles dedicated to favorite contacts with pictures and create quick access to the settings of your choice. At just 2 MB, it’ll play nice with older and entry-level Androids.

Download Simple Mode

Help Launcher Deluxe

This is another minimalist phone app for seniors with some neat features. It does a great job of the usual large icons and easy-to-read text. However, Help Launcher also organizes app types for you—so for instance, your native messaging app, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will all be found under the Messaging tile. Similarly, it simplifies phone basics like Settings, offering easy to use adjustments to volume levels and screen brightness.

Download Help Launcher Deluxe

Ting Mobile is the perfect mobile service for seniors

Looking for the right carrier for (or as) an older adult? Look no further than Ting Mobile. We offer a variety of plans so you won’t need to choose between a plan that’s too expensive thanks to unnecessary features or a plan that is sorely lacking. Our Flex plan is very popular with seniors, starting at just $10 for unlimited talk and text and the ability to add affordable data as needed. Coast-to-coast coverage means our subscribers can count on reliable service, and with no contract, our subscribers can always switch if they find something that suits them better. See if your Pop Pop’s simplified Android can come to Ting Mobile