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App of the Week: Flipboard

Why we love Flipboard:

Flipboard lets you create your own curated digital magazine from all your favorite news sites, social feeds and so on. Get a personalized view on the day’s news. Follow your favorite blogs. See the stories and pictures your social media friends are sharing.

Basically, you’ll be a magazine publisher but with none of the paper cuts or despondency over shrinking ad revenues.


Download from Google Play
Browse magazines made by the community or take matters into you own hands by creating one that’s all you. Rather than bookmarking or grabbing apps for the individual news sites, blogs and feeds you like to read, turn the news into your own beautifully put together (if you do say so yourself) digital magazine. Share it for others to enjoy too.

Given that you’re the one creating the magazine together, you can be reasonably confident the content is customized to your own tastes. If not, might we suggest a strongly worded letter to the editor?

App of the Week: Wikipedia

Why we love Wikipedia:

What’s not to love about having access to an encyclopedia in your pocket? While it may not be the sum total of human knowledge, it is “the most comprehensive and widely used reference work humans have ever compiled.”

The Wikipedia app certainly beats lugging around a bookshelf full of weighty tomes… or just picking one book and hoping that any general knowledge nuggets you need have answers that start between St and Te.


Download from Google Play

If you’ve never heard of Wikipedia… first, that’s just weird. Second: let’s get meta; Wikipedia is the perfect place to look up Wikipedia to in order to find out what Wikipedia is.

The Wikipedia app on your Android phone is the perfect way to settle a quick bar bet or to fall into a rabbit hole of information while commuting on public transit.

Unless you tap through to view images in high-res, it’s pretty easy on your mobile data too.

App of the Week: Waze


Download from Google Play

Why we love Waze:

Remember the movie Falling Down? That whole debacle, entertaining though it was, could have been avoided if Michael Douglas’ character had just downloaded Waze to his phone. Well, if smartphones and apps were a thing at that point in time. I seem to recall the protagonist wanting change for a payphone…

Waze is a turn-by-turn GPS app with a crowd source twist. Not content to just tell you to turn left in 300 yards (thought it does that, of course), Waze also gathers data from other drivers and, if there’s a problem en route, helps to navigate others around it. If you’re the recipient of a mid-route re-route, you’ll be steered around the worst of the trouble.

If you’re one of the unfortunate ones stuck in the traffic jam, you can at least feel good about the fact that you’re helping your fellow Waze users get to work on time. The app can even alert you to speed traps, accidents and other driving surprises before you reach them. In short, it could single-handedly avoid a 2013 reboot of the aforementioned film.

Waze has a social element to it too. You can see other Waze drivers, their locations and speeds, on the map. You can share your route so people will know exactly when you’re set to arrive.

It’s not the only turn-by-turn navigation app going. However, it’s certainly the most connected of the lot.

App of the Week: Shush!

Why we love Shush!:

You know those people that leave their ringer on while in a movie theater or meeting? Worse, a wedding or a funeral? Yeah. Don’t be one of those people.

Shush! is a simple, purpose-built utility that just works. It pops up whenever you silence your phone and lets you specify how long you want the ringer off then automatically restores it for you when time has elapsed. You can turn the ringer off for 15 minutes or 12 hours. You can set the volume at which your ringer will restore and … well, that’s really about it. It’s really about all you need it to do though, so it works out nicely.


Download Shush! from Google Play

App of the Week: Pocket

Why we love Pocket:

There’s way too much information on the Internet. As such, we’re working hard to have it shut down entirely. Until we succeed in this noble goal though, it’s adapt or die.

Pocket makes it much easier to filter through the seditious lies valuable information, interesting stories and otherwise super awesome stuff the Internet holds.

Check it out.



Download from Google Play

Pocket is the read it later app formerly known as, appropriately enough, Read It Later.

Previously, it was the number 1 paid app in Google Play. It lost that honor not because it got caught sleeping… but because it’s now free.

It’s one of those apps that should be considered a must-have. Especially at that price.

Pocket lets you save stories from your favorite news, sports, gossip, financial or just about any other site you can imagine to read later. You can save an article from just about any app using the sharing options built into Android. More, you can install the browser extension to mark stories for later reading on your phone or tablet.

If you store stories on your phone using your Wi-Fi network, you can read them later without using mobile data.

App of the Week: Any.DO

Why we love Any.DO:

To-do lists suck. They’re always bossing us around. More though, they remind us that, while everyone else seems to manage just fine, we can never seem to stay on task and actually accomplish something.

What? That can’t just be me…

Whatever the case, Any.DO makes it easy, dare we say enjoyable, to prepare your to-do list for the day. Check out the video:


Download from Google Play

Task and to-do lists abound on Google Play. After trying most of them out at one time or another, Any.DO stands out as the best.

Any.DO take a different approach to the typical to-do list. It has a unique feature where the app will pop up every morning at a set time and invite you to “plan your day.” You decide when each of the tasks that are on your list should be completed: Today (with a few time options) or Later (likewise with options). You can also mark items as done or delete them from the list.

You can sync with your Google Tasks and there’s even Chrome extension that lets you add a task on your computer and have it show up on your phone immediately.

Perhaps our favorite feature of Any.DO is the simple, clean and minimal design. It has just the right amount of graphical flair without seeming overbearing or like it’s trying too hard.

If you’ve been looking for the best task manager for your Android phone (there’s also an iPhone version available), you need look no further.

Got an app we should consider for App of the Week? Let us know in the comments below!