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App of the Week Live: BeyondPod

BeyondPod is our pick for this week’s App of the Week! If you’re a podcast junkie, this is seriously the perfect app for managing your feeds, both online and offline.

To learn more about BeyondPod’s features, check out our YouTube video below:








Free and Paid Version

Download free version (with 7 day full feature trial) from Google Play

Download full version unlock key from Google Play

BeyondPod is an excellent app that will satisfy all your podcasting and RSS needs. With an excellent search function, offline features, scheduled downloads, and much more, BeyondPod gives complete control over your podcasting experience.

You can download BeyondPod Lite for free and get access to the 7 day full feature trial! If you’re set on purchasing the full version for 7 bucks, go grab the unlock key!

App of the Week Live: BallMaze

Welcome to the second episode of Ting’s App of the Week Live! This Tuesday, we dive into an interesting puzzle game called BallMaze.

To learn more about the app and why we think it’s awesome, check out the video below!



Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 2.50.40 PM

Free and Paid Version

Download free version from Google Play

Download paid version from Google Play

BallMaze is a straightforward, fun and addicting puzzle game. While it’s easy to grasp the basics, it requires much more concentration as the levels become increasingly challenging.

The goal of the game is to land the ball on the grey and white square by navigating through the maze in the least amount of turns. Different colored blocks are scattered throughout these mazes and you can switch which color will be visible (and able to block the ball). The black boxes cannot be switched off and you cannot enable a color you’re on top of!

BallMaze Lite is available for free while the paid version is 2 bucks. It supports all Android devices 2.3 and up.


App of the Week Live: Yelp

Welcome to the first official episode of Ting’s new App of the Week Live series. Every Tuesday, we’ll pick one of our favorite apps and tell you exactly why we love it!

In this week’s episode we feature Yelp, the perfect app for urban living.

Watch the video below:





Download from Google Play

Also available for iOS and Windows Phone

Yelp is the ultimate app that connects you with reputable businesses in your area. Choose from categories like delivery, nightlife and shopping to find the specific type of services you’re looking for!

The listings can be viewed as text or on a map and can be sorted a variety of ways using Yelp’s filter feature. Once you’ve opened a businesses page you can read reviews, directions, company info, photos and more!

Yelp is available for free and supports almost all Android devices.


You Asked: Backing up SMS messages in Android

There are dozens of seemingly-identical apps on the Google Play store that vow to backup your personal messages. Whether in the cloud, in your email or on an SD card, there are various storage methods you can use to ensure your conversations won’t vanish into the digital abyss.

At Ting, we actively encourage you to ask us questions. Through our Ask Ting Anything’s on Facebook, Ting Hangouts and blog posts, we’re always interested in what’s on our customers minds. For this installment of our “You Asked” series, we take a look at several SMS backup apps and run through the various features of each.


smsbackupplusSMS Backup +

SMS Backup + is an app that uses Gmail (or any IMAP server) to automatically save your SMS (text messages), MMS (picture messages) and call logs entries. Upon connecting your Gmail account with SMS Backup +, your personal data is saved in a separate label and can be automatically backed up to Gmail. Are you a WhatsApp user? You can transfer those messages to your Gmail account as well! Unfortunately, SMS Backup + can only restore SMS messages to your device, not WhatsApp or MMS messages. If you don’t know how to enable IMAP, don’t fret! This fellow will show you how in under a minute! The developers have also set up an awesome FAQ page in case you need more help!

gcloudbackupG Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup is a comprehensive backup app that saves your Android information securely on a cloud and can be accessed by logging into your G Cloud account. Using its simple interface, easily backup and protect your SMS messages, call logs, documents, settings, photos, music, and more on multiple devices! Unfortunately, G Cloud Backup cannot currently backup your MMS messages. By creating an account you instantly receive 1 GB of cloud storage free and can pick up 8 GB just by referring friends, tweeting about the app, and liking G Cloud Backup’s Facebook page. They also offer paid tiers for 16 GB and 32 GB, which is useful if you have a ton of data to save, or multiple devices to backup. Have any further questions? Check out their FAQ page!

smsbackupandrestoreSMS Backup and Restore

SMS Backup and Restore focuses specifically on SMS messaging and lets you easily save texts to an SD card and restore them at a later date. These backups are created in XML format, can be converted to other file types and easily viewed on your device and computer. Your saved contents can also be emailed or uploaded to cloud storage through Dropbox or Google Drive using the official Add-On. For more information check out SMS Backup and Restore’s detailed FAQ!


Ting’s recommendation: SMS Backup +

If you’re still unsure of which app to choose, we recommend SMS Backup +. If you own an Android device you already have a Gmail account, making the initial set up super easy. In just minutes, your SMS, MMS, and call log entries will be saved in a Gmail label and can be retrieved from your phone or a computer whenever you desire!

App of the Week Live: Songza

Over the past few months, we’ve enjoyed highlighting some of the best Android apps for you in Ting’s App of the Week YouTube series. With the initial set of videos completed, we started thinking about how we wanted to approach the next batch.

We decided to revamp the series to give it more of a personal feel. Now, instead of on-screen text, someone special will fill you in on some useful apps you may not have heard of!

For the trial episode of our new App of the Week Live series, we highlight Songza. This is an experimental episode, so we welcome any feedback you may have! Check out the video below:



Download from Google Play

Songza is the perfect app for discovering new music. Using the time of day, it suggests playlists based on your mood or what you’re currently doing!

With tons of genres and unique playlists like “indie music that’s not too weird”, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your style.

There’s minimal ads, no subscription fees and the app is entirely free! It supports all Android devices 2.2 and higher.

Introducing Android Device Manager, the easiest way to track your phone

Google recently released a remote tracking program for its Android users, and it’s a convenient feature that we’re excited to tell you about!

The new Android Device Manager has been automatically added to every Android device running 2.2 and higher (98.7% of Android users). This program is used remotely by going to Android Device Manager serves three main purposes:

  1. It lets you locate your device on a Google Map in a browser.
  2. It lets you ring your device at maximum volume for five minutes.
  3. If your device is gone, it lets you at least erase your personal information with a factory reset. Note that the option to factory reset your device must be activated ahead of time… before you need it.

*Keep in mind that your phone must be on and connected to a network for these features to work.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 6.42.47 PM

To activate the “Erase Device” feature, open the green Google Settings app on your device. Choose Android Device Manager and enable “Allow remote factory reset.” Note that you won’t find Android Device Manager in your regular settings menu. Look for the green Google settings icon in your Android app tray.

What’s interesting about this particular feature addition is that it came without a full Android OS update. This indicates that Google can push bug fixes and new features behind the scenes.

While you’ve been able to download third party tracking apps for years, nothing beats a native app that serves this function. Too often, users don’t take the necessary precautions and only realize once it’s too late. Apparently, Google has stepped in to save us from ourselves!