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Lower mobile data usage and save on your cell phone bill

Ting is the phone provider that helps you lower your mobile data and save money

There are many different ways to reduce smartphone mobile data usage without having to limit yourself or switch up your smartphone routine. At Ting, we only charge people for what they actually use. That means the less you use, the less you pay. And you can save even more when you restrict your data usage.

There are data saving toggles and features in popular apps (including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat) that help you cut your data use. There are also controls built right into your smartphone operating system to do the same.

Using Wi-Fi instead of mobile dataThe more you connect to Wi-Fi on Ting, the more you save. We encourage people to lower their monthly mobile bills by cutting and controlling their data usage. You can spend less than $20 per month for one phone with Ting. It all comes down to lowering your mobile data use.
Take a look at our broad list of articles that will help you lower your cellular data usage. If you’re with a pay for what you use provider like Ting, this means a lower monthly bill.

Comprehensive guides

Check out some of our longer-form articles that will teach you everything you need to know about smartphone mobile data.

From the basics to the bonus features, the guides below have it all.

Android iconiPhone iconGet the free Cut Your Data ebook to reduce mobile data usage

Android iconiPhone iconDo more with your smartphone without paying more for data

Android iconiPhone iconFive simple tips to save money on smartphone mobile data

Android iconiPhone iconSix (more) simple tips to save money on smartphone mobile data

Understanding your mobile data usage

Want to reduce your data usage but not sure where to start? You’re in the right place.

Learn where mobile data is typically used on your smartphone and find out how to handle apps that take advantage of your data plan without having to sacrifice your smartphone experience.

Android iconiPhone iconHow many megabytes are in a gig? Understanding mobile data usage

Android iconControl which Android apps use background mobile data

iPhone iconControl which iOS apps use cellular data

Android iconTake control of how your apps use data with NetGuard

Android iconiPhone iconWhat is mobile data and how much do I need?

Android iconTry this Android data manager: Datally by Google

Android iconiPhone iconWhat can you do with 1 GB of data

Reduce and manage data usage

There are controls built right into your smartphone operating system that will help you reduce your data usage. Here are some general apps and settings within Android and iOS smartphones that will lower your cellular data usage.

Android iconiPhone iconBlock ads while browsing to lower data usage

Android iconLimit background data usage with Data Saver

Android iconReduce your cellular data usage with Wi-Fi Assistant (Select devices)

iPhone iconDisable Wi-Fi Assist to save your mobile data

Android iconReduce your cellular data usage by up to 50% with Opera Max

Android iconiPhone iconTurn your computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot

Make the most of Wi-Fi

When you connect to Wi-Fi at home, work, school or a cafe, you don’t use any mobile data. Here are some tips and tricks for making the most of Wi-Fi and saving even more.

Android iconWi-Fi Analyzer finds the best connection

Android iconiPhone iconAutomatically connect to Wi-Fi at home and work

Android iconiPhone iconFree Wi-Fi calling with Google Hangouts

Unplug from your phone

While phones can be powerful tools that make our lives better, they can also feel like a bit of a burden sometimes. Why not unplug from your phone a bit? You’ll use less data than ever. You could even consider going with a flip or feature phone for texting and calling only.  

Android iconiPhone iconHow to unplug: it starts with your phone

Android iconiPhone iconGoing grayscale to use your phone more mindfully

Android iconiPhone iconApp of the week: Checky

Android iconiPhone iconPhone addiction? Tips to help you use your phone less.

Android iconA roundup of our favorite flip phones

Lower mobile data use in popular apps

Most popular apps include a built-in data saving toggle or feature. There’s no need to stop using an app entirely, just take a look through the icons below and find the apps you recognize to lower your monthly mobile data usage.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Google Maps are just a few of the apps listed below.

Facebook data saving Turn off Facebook’s video auto-play feature (Android)

Facebook data saving Turn off Facebook’s video auto-play feature (iOS)

Facebook data saving Reduce data usage in Facebook (Android – select devices only)

Snapchat travel modeEnable Travel Mode to save data in Snapchat

Snapchat data savingUse Snapchat Memories to save your mobile data

Instagram data savingReduce data usage in Instagram

Twitter data savingTurn off Twitter’s video autoplay feature

Google-Chrome-Data-SavingReduce data usage in Google Chrome (Android)

Lower YouTube data usageMinimize mobile data usage in YouTube

Netflix data savingMinimize mobile data usage in the Netflix app

Download Netflix movies and save on mobile dataDownload Netflix shows and movies for offline use

PocketCasts data savingAutomatically download podcasts over Wi-Fi (Android)

Podcast data savingAutomatically download podcasts over Wi-Fi (iOS)

Google Photos data savingBack up Google Photos over Wi-Fi only

Google Play data savingUpdate Google Play apps over Wi-Fi only

Spotify data savingDownload music for offline use

Google Maps data savingDownload Google Maps for offline use

Reddit offline data savingBrowse reddit on your phone without using mobile data

Can you think of any other data saving features that we’ve missed? Please let us know in the comments below.

What is Ting Mobile anyway?

What is Ting Mobile anyway?

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