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Your golden ticket to a year of free service!

Ting Golden Ticket

The brand new reusable Ting shipping portfolio cases that protect Ting device orders in transit (and whose usefulness doesn’t end there) are ready to go out the door. We were trying to think up a unique idea to launch these brand new cases with a splash. Then it came to us.

Having never read a Roald Dahl book, seen a Mel Stuart or Tim Burton movie. Completely independent of any outside influence whatsoever…

Golden tickets!

We’re putting golden tickets good for a year of Ting service ($400 in Ting credit, given the average Ting bill of ~$31.50) at random into the brand new Ting shipping portfolios until the end of this month. Everyone whose device leaves the Ting warehouse between now and October 31, 2013 has a chance to win. Pull back the zipper on the Ting shipping portfolio case and if you see something shiny and golden, you’re one of our lucky winners.

We’ve also created a digital versions of the golden ticket too. If you bring your own device or purchase a used device from Glyde and activate it on Ting before the end of the month, you’re in the running too.

How it Works

There are six tickets to be found in all.

Three physical tickets will be randomly inserted into three of our spiffy new Ting reusable shipping portfolios at random before they ship out. If your shipping package contains a golden ticket, you’ll know it as soon as you break the shipping security seal and pull back the zipper. If you’re one of our lucky winners, just follow the instructions on your golden ticket to claim your prize.

Three digital tickets will be awarded at random to people who go through the bring your device to Ting process before Oct 31. That includes used devices purchased through our partnership with Glyde. If you’re one of the three digital winners, you’ll receive your golden ticket and instructions on how to claim your prize via email.

Read on for a preemptive question strike (PQS) AKA FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this promotion begin and end?

Golden tickets will be inserted into shipping packages starting today, October 15. The promotion ends when all the golden tickets have been sent out, which will happen by the end of the day on October 31, 2013.

I’m a new customer. Can I get in on this?

Of course! If you’re buying a new device or activating a device under the Bring your Device to Ting program, you’re automatically in the running.

I’m an existing customer. Can I get in on this?

Absolutely. If you’re activating a device under the Bring your Device to Ting program, you’re in the running.

How will I know if I’ve won?

Physical: If you see something gold and glittering when you pull back the zipper on the Ting reusable shipping portfolio, you’re a winner!

Virtual: If you’re a winner, you’ll receive your golden ticket in your inbox shortly after you activate your device.

How do I claim my golden ticket?

Instructions on how to claim your prize are detailed on your golden ticket.

Will I be notified if I don’t win?

No. Only golden ticket winners will be notified.

Am I still eligible for ETF credit?

Yes. Our 25% up to $75 ETF payout still stands and if you’re paying an ETF to make the move, you are eligible whether or not you win a golden ticket.