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New Ting Mobile plans FAQ

Ting Mobile plans FAQ

We’ve been overjoyed to hear lots of great feedback about our new plans and how Ting Mobile customers are saving even more money thanks to finding a plan that fits their needs perfectly. However, as with anything new, there are some questions about how things work. We’ve done our best to identify some of the most common and answer them in this Ting Mobile plans FAQ. If there’s a question we didn’t get to, please let us know in the comments!

Does this price include line fees?

Yep. All plan rates include line fees.

When will old rates be going away?

If you’re an existing customer already on the legacy “pay for what you use” plan, you have the option to continue using that plan and the accompanying rates. However, new customers will not be able to select the legacy plan. We encourage our long-standing customers to see if they’ll save even more by switching to one of the newer plans (many will), but be aware that if you do make the change, you’ll be unable to switch back.

Can we mix-and-match plans?

All the plans on a single account must be of the same type. However, if you’d like to add a different plan, you can simply do so on a new account.

Can we port from Verizon to Ting Mobile V1 SIMs directly? 

Due to agreements with our network partners, unfortunately, we cannot port Verizon users onto our V1 SIMs.

Can we use V1 and X3 SIMs on the same account with the new plans?

If you are a current Ting Mobile customer and you already have a mix of V1 and X3 SIM cards on your account, you’ll be able to transfer this combination onto your new plan. For new customers, the SIM card you activate with first will dictate which SIM cards can be used on that account. For example, if your first phone activates with an X3 SIM card, you can only activate X3 SIM cards on that account. 

Will international roaming be available?

Two months after activation, international roaming is available on X3 SIMs. V1 SIMs can roam in Canada and Mexico only. 

Do international calling rates apply or do we still get the 60+ countries free?

International calling rates apply on new Ting Mobile plans. You can see the rates here

I’m using the old rates with a free-line for life promo. Will that go away if I switch to a new plan?

Yes—due to the different structure of our new plans with unlimited talk and text and without line fees, this promo is not transferable.

Does this price include taxes? 

Taxes are extra and are applied based on the account billing address. Each bill you get from Ting Mobile will clearly list taxes as line items for clarity. Learn more here.

I’m a new customer and I would like to get a V1 SIM instead of an X3 SIM to start. Is this possible?

Our device checker tool selects a SIM for you based on device compatibility and coverage in your location. In all likelihood, this selection will result in the best mobile experience for you. That being said, if you have a strong preference, you can reach out to our support team and they can let you know if it’s possible.

I’ve activated my phone on a new plan with an X3 SIM, and I’m not satisfied with my coverage. How can I switch to V1? 

You’ll need to start a brand new account and activate the V1 SIM on the new account. Don’t forget to make sure that your phone is compatible! Note that if you want to keep your old Ting Mobile number, contact support before activating your V1 card so they can transfer the number onto your new SIM. If you want a new number, you can simply go through the regular online activation process.

What is the difference between the X1 and X3 SIMs and what additional benefits do the X3 provide?

We no longer sell X1 SIM cards, and they cannot be activated on our new plans. For our new plans, you’ll need an X3 SIM card. X1 SIMs will continue to work for those customers who already have an active SIM, on the “pay for what you use” rates.

Is 5G available on both the V1 and X3 SIMs? 

5G is currently only available on the X3 SIM. You’ll need to have a compatible device and be in an area that has 5G coverage.

If I decide to purchase a device from the Ting shop, can I choose which Ting SIM I can use with it?

Currently, all devices sold in the Ting Shop activate with our X3 SIMs only. The devices themselves are unlocked. 

Is there any difference in the way the plans or legacy rates are taxed?

In both cases, we only collect what we are legally obligated to based on your Ting Mobile billing address and the applicable taxes for that state/city etc.

Was our Ting Mobile Plans FAQ able to answer your question or concern? Are you looking for further information that wasn’t included here or our Help Center? Let us know in the comments.