Open a beer with your Mac charger

By Andrew Moore-Crispin

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The scene: You’re in a hotel room after a long day of schlepping around whatever conference is the annual rally point for whatever industry it is you work in.

You’ve earned a cold beer. But what’s this? There’s no bottle opener in sight! They took your multitool away at the airport, thwarting your plans to, among other things, open a cold beer.

No need to resort to crushing cans of Natty Ice. In true MacGyver style, you can get past that crude metal barrier to your microbrewed tipple with just your Mac laptop charger. Here’s how.

Step 1:

Remove the plug portion of your Macbook charger to reveal the metal post.

Step 2:

Get the head of the metal post centered underneath a crimp in the bottle cap.

Step 3:

Push down with the heel of your hand while prying up with your fingers.

Not a Mac user? Try this instead.


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