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Get ready for IoMT: the Internet of Medical Things

IoMT Internet of Medical Things

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the medical field so fast; it even has its own abbreviations. The Internet of Medical Things, or the Internet of Heath Things (IoMT and IoHT for short), is a network of medical devices that provides better access to data. Data that can enable and inform both patients and providers alike. With access to the information that IoMT provides, we can expect to see an improvement in patient outcome, lowered cost of care, an increase in preventive care, better management of medical assets, and an increase in the quality of life for the elderly and disabled.

Let’s examine several exciting IoMT projects and how they are changing lives.

New year, old phone: make your smartphone feel like new again

old phone

Over the years, smartphone quality has improved exponentially. There’s almost no need to buy a new, flashy model if you got a phone in the last few years. It’s likely that your old phone can feel like new again with a few simple hacks.

If you’re wondering what to do with an old phone, the answer is simple: keep it! With Apple, Google and Samsung prices all soaring above $1,000 for the latest phone, there’s even more reason to make do with what you’ve got.

You wouldn’t be alone in hanging onto that old phone. According to Consumer Reports “consumers have begun holding on to their cell phones for nearly three years.” People aren’t upgrading as fast as they used to. Why? As TechCrunch puts it, “manufacturers have painted themselves into a corner as they’ve battled it out over specs. There just aren’t as many compelling reasons to continually upgrade.”

We’re going to walk you through our top tips for making your current phone last longer and feel like new again.

    1. Update your operating system
    2. Get a new battery
    3. Tidy up storage
    4. Get more storage
    5. Create a new home screen (Android only)
    6. Replace your screen

Better money habits to help you save

better money habits

Does it sometimes feel like you’re strapped for cash? Even if you don’t indulge in spending sprees and are a bargain hunter by nature, there may be some spending leaks in your budget. If you are wondering how to save money, manage your money more efficiently and get some better money habits, this is a great post for you.

Cultivating better money habits can be challenging, but once you have a plan in place, adopting some simple spending habits will keep you on a healthy financial track. Here are five good money habits and spending habits that can help you save.

Kids first phone: Things you should do after giving your kid a phone

kids first phone

If you’re wondering what to do to prepare your child for responsible phone ownership, you’ve come to the right place. A kid’s first phone can be an awesome tool for safety, staying in touch and teaching responsibility. There are a few things parents can do, however, to set ground rules before turning that device over to a child.

  1. It’s important to factory reset the phone if it’s a hand-me-down.
  2.  Add any important emergency numbers.
  3.  Enable parental controls.
  4.  Set mobile data limits.
  5.  Have an open conversation about Internet safety and privacy.

Start your kid off on a mobile provider like Ting, where you can set limits on how much talk, text and data they use every month.

How to manage your finances in six simple steps

how to manage your finances

If you’re asking yourself how to manage your finances, this post is for you. Does it always feel like your finances are spinning out of control? If you have a hard time keeping up with your bills each month or just can’t stick to your budget, it may be time for a quick financial cleanup.

Even if budgeting isn’t your strong point, there are several things you can do to keep yourself in the green in the money department. Taking small steps to improve your money management skills will pay off in the long run. We’ll cover how to save money, the best budgeting app, how to manage your finances and how to get your finances in order.

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