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How often should you upgrade your phone? Our upgrade cycle infographic

How often should you upgrade your phone?

Looking to upgrade your phone or wondering if you really need to? Ting Mobile surveyed over 3,000 people and we asked them how often they upgrade, how much they spent on their last new phone and more. 

How often should you upgrade your phone? At Ting, we believe that the two-year upgrade cycle is more of a fabrication by big cell service providers than a necessity. It’s a result of contracts, not a deficiency of tech. In actual fact, 36% of people upgraded more than two years ago. 

It goes to show you can get a great phone that will last you years before you’ll need to upgrade. At Ting, we never lock you into a contract or plan and can bring any unlocked phone with you

Take a look at our upgrade cycle infographic below and see where you stack up. Do you really need a new phone? Maybe. Can many of today’s smartphones last you as long as five years? Totally.