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Check out our epic phone fails infographic

epic phone fails

Ever cracked, smashed or broke a phone? Ever sent a text you later regretted? Ting Mobile held a survey where we asked people to fill us in on some of the ways they’ve misused and even ruined their phones. Get all the highlights here and check out an infographic of our results below.

Human error plays big into our relationships with phones, which is no surprise, we use them every day. What we found interesting was the willingness among people to use their phones differently in order to prevent future phone fails, and the emerging interest in values associated with the right to repair movement.

Epic phone fails infographic

Share your phone fails

Got a fun phone fail? You can share yours with Ting. Use the hashtag #epicphonefails on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or check out our thread on Reddit.

What is Ting Mobile anyway?

What is Ting Mobile anyway?

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