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The problem with @ting on Instagram

The problem with @ting

Instagram, for the most part, is great but when you run social media for Ting Mobile and you managed to grab the handle “@ting,” there’s a pretty big downside too.

We’re not talking about the obvious downsides of social media here. We’re talking about a uniquely Ting problem.

You see, Instagram isn’t all pictures of dogs, boomerangs of glasses clinking and videos of snowboard bails. In fact, and this may shock some of you, a lot of people like to argue on social media. 

Who knew?!

Arguing with someone on such a vast, public platform has its drawbacks though. How do you ensure that your sweet, sweet burn is seen by the person it’s intended for? 

Well, you tag them using the “@” symbol. 

Which, in the language of social media, has become known as “ating” (that’s at, with an ‘ing on the end) or, if you’re abbreviating it… @ting.

This is where the problem lies.

Because, what do you do when you’ve been tagged by a stranger spoiling for a social media showdown?

Well, it would appear that a very common response is to fire back with something like this:

Or this:

Or maybe even this: 

Do you see the problem yet?

As I mentioned, I manage the social media for Ting and we’re currently trying to grow our following on the platform and engage with our lovely community as much as possible. 

So whenever I see that little notification icon light up, I get a little buzz and rush to see what it is, often only to be greeted with something like this: 

And that’s just not nice, is it?

The issue doesn’t stop there though.

You see, some of these comments are too intriguing not to look into.

I mean, look at this one:

Like seriously, what’s going on there?? I have to know more.

So, instead of doing the many useful things that are on my to-do list, I spend hours each week fighting the urge to go down the rabbit hole of strangers’ Instagram beef.

And that’s no good.

That’s why, people of Instagram, for the sake of my career, I’m here begging you to stop using @ting when you’re arguing with someone on social media. 

It’s not that I don’t care, the problem is that I care too much.

Oh, and since I’m making requests. Why not give us a follow? I personally promise that you’ll love what we post.

And if you don’t? @ me.