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Redditors share seven Ting hacks to help you save money on mobile

Redditors share seven Ting hacks to help you save money on mobile
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The Ting subreddit is a great place to discuss everything related to Ting service, smartphones and the US mobile industry in general.

We’re constantly seeing discussions that help redditors have a better experience with Ting, sharing ways to help minimize data, minutes and text usage. Smartphones offer so many features that it’s easy to miss out on useful apps and settings that can have a big impact on your monthly phone bill (if you’re with a pay-for-what-you-use provider like Ting).

While our Ting tips do a pretty good job of digging into the basics, redditors are on another level when it comes to overall smartphone knowledge. So, we decided to ask the community to share the #1 phone trick or hack they use to lower their monthly Ting bill.

We’ve listed our seven favorites below – take a look.


Use Internet Messaging via WiFi or mobile data and internet calling apps over WiFi with family members or friends to reduce SMS and voice minutes usage. 

This. My monthly minutes/texts are insanely low since I started doing this. If you have wifi at work/home, it's a no brainer. I.I.R.C. my last Ting bill was $22. It helps a good bit that I rarely make long calls while out of the house. Typically, I will just text people if I am out moving about. If I need to talk to you, I'll do it from home.


Take advantage of the data usage warnings and caps. It's easy to set up so that it notifies me and the phone that's reached the warning level. Then you can make decisions on whether it's worth it to stream that YouTube video or wait until you have WiFi based on your usage. Since we have done this and identified where most of our data usage was going, we've really cut down on our bill. This and using a non-S.M.S. messaging app for people we text the most.


1. "Uninstall Facebook. "

Great idea, and I have a couple tips for uninstalling it: Open up your browser and create a bookmark to Facebook, and add it to your homescreen. If you want, you can allow Facebook to show you notifications in your browser. So you can still get the "beep beep bloops" all day from Facebook if you prefer. An even better route would be to get a browser sandbox app specifically designed for Facebook. The one I linked does not have such a great title but it's one that's been around for a while. This allows you to have an app and an app shortcut like normal. It also increases your online safety though no solution is perfect -- you can be logged out of Facebook in your normal browser and not dragging (logged-in) cookies and local storage data around the entire time you are doing your thing on the web. Those apps keep your login cookies and storage data sandboxed. The same types of apps are available for Twitter as well. 

2 "They want to send back the little bits of data the app's company needs to better market to you. This is okay... "

That is not okay.


Check if your home Internet provider has WiFi hotspot service. My home Internet provider (Optimum) has a network of WiFi hotspots that covers a great deal of my daily beat, including my town's main street and the neighboring towns as well. By enabling automatic connection to these hotspots, I'm almost never without WiFi!


Seriously, the only thing I did was make sure other family members were using WiFi at home. That was where 95% plus of their data usage was and often times less savvy users don't have this setup. And WiFi tends to be faster.



Learn more about downloading Google Maps for offline use: Android article | iOS article


Helping potential users that come here have helped me lower my bill. Gotten 2 referral credits added to my account!

Have a question about any of these suggestions? Comment below and we’ll be glad to help.

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