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More phone fails: does a case or screen protector really make a difference?

Epic Phone Fails - Do you really need a screen protector?

Ting Mobile held a survey where we asked people to share their biggest phone fails with us, and we got some pretty interesting results. If you currently use a screen protector or case for your smartphone, and you’re hoping it will help prevent cracks and shatters, read on.

If you haven’t cracked a smartphone screen in your life, you’re one of the lucky ones. 64% of people reported cracking screen at some point. We wanted to find out if screen protectors and cases helped lower that reported number, but it turns out, they don’t.

People who opted to go without cases and screen protectors didn’t seem to break their phones much more. For those people who didn’t use a case, 65% have cracked their phone screen, and for people who didn’t use a screen protector, 60% have cracked their phone.

It could be that people are a little more careful with their phones when they don’t have a screen protector on. But we won’t be ditching our cases any time soon. They just make things feel a bit safer, even if it’s all in our head.

Did you know you can fix your cracked screen yourself?

Right to repair is the ability for customers to repair and modify their own electronics without going through the manufacturer. 78% of survey respondents had never heard of right to repair, but it seemed to resonate with a lot of people on a logical level.

64% said they would purchase a DIY phone kit if a manufacturer offered one and 66% have looked up how to repair a phone online. It seems like people are eager to take phone repair into their own hands, and why not? When you purchase a phone, just like a car, you should be able to get the most “mileage” out of it.

Hardware fails like breaking a screen seem to be an inevitable part of smartphone ownership, even if you do use a case or screen protector. No one’s perfect. But once you’ve made that phone fail, you still have options beyond just scrapping your phone and spending on a new one.

Many smartphone manufacturers hold the keys to repair out of the customer’s reach. We’d like to see more companies start to align their repair practices with the popular view. Take Motorola and iFixit for example. They partnered to offer repair kits on Motorola phones, where you can replace broken displays and batteries yourself.

Got a broken phone? Bring it to Ting

Screen protector fail? Got a phone that could use a repair? Get it fixed or fix it yourself and we’ll credit you back the cost with free Ting service. Hang onto your repair kit receipt or repair receipt and get up to $150 back in Ting credit when you bring your freshly repaired phone to Ting.

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