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Five easy ways to save more money when shopping online

Save money when shopping online
A drawing of a piggy bank with money stuffed inside representing the money you'll save shopping online with these tips.

Let’s face it. Shopping online offers the ultimate in convenience—no crowds, no lines, no high-pressure sales tactics—and makes it easy to compare prices within seconds. Whether you’re shopping for new furniture or updating your closet for the season, make sure you really are getting the best deals on that purchase with some strategic buys. Here are five simple ways to save even more money when loading up that virtual cart:

#1: Keep up with flash sales

Many retailers host flash sales throughout the week and these can be a great way to secure some deep discounts on popular items. Scope out the latest deals on sites like Myhabit (Amazon’s fashion site) and eBay daily deals for rock bottom prices on high-end goods and everyday items.

#2: Seek out online coupons

Many retailers accept online discounts and offer codes that aren’t always published on the site. For example, Best Buy, Banana Republic, and Target stores run ongoing specials and deals both in-store and online. However, you could get a deeper discount just by catching one of the latest free shipping or coupons available at third-party sites like RetailMeNot. One of the great things about RetailMeNot is you can get a personalized list of offers from your favorite stores when registering on the site. The site does a great job of updating current coupons at hundreds of major retailers and users post feedback about their success rates and experiences.

#3: Use a shopping app

We’ve talked about some of our favorite shopping apps in a previous post and there are dozens of other apps that can help you keep track of the latest deals and offers. When you’re in need of some serious retail therapy, use Amazon’s mobile app to find the best price on those coveted items.

#4: Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk can save you in shipping costs and is a great way to pare down the cost of frequent online purchases. Consolidate your purchases whenever possible and take advantage of free shipping offers when making those larger purchases. Stocking up on household items, groceries, personal care items, or even crafting supplies by buying in bulk can save you money on the purchase and save you money on gas from frequent trips to the store. Check out sites like Stockn’ Go where you can buy cases of items and cash in on bulk savings deals.

#5: Get social

Many brands and retailers post online-only or exclusive coupons on their social media sites. Start following your favorite brands and stores on Twitter and Facebook to cash in on some of those web sales. Giveaways, instant coupons, and online promos could help you save a little extra on that next purchase. Just make sure you’re following verified accounts to avoid shopping at a fraudulent site.

What are some of your best tips for saving money when shopping online?