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Six essentials you should always buy online

buy household items online

Buy household items online to save money

Staying within your budget each month doesn’t have to be a struggle when you know which online retailers offer the best prices on everyday items, and you take some time to plan ahead. When you buy household items online in bulk, you can save a lot of money over the course of the year — and also save on gas and the hassle of running back and forth to the store. Whether you’re managing a house full of kids or just shopping for two, here are six household essentials you should always buy online to save money:

#1: Shaving supplies

While some retailers do run special offers or have rebates available for razors, shaving cream, and other shaving supplies, you may not always have a chance to shop around. Stay fuzz-free year round by stocking up on shaving supplies like razor cartridges, razors, shaving cream, and other hair removal products when you see a deal. We’d be remiss not to mention Dollar Shave Club here.

#2: Toilet paper

You’ll always end up using it so why not buy a large supply when it’s on sale and have it delivered directly to your door? Just make sure you have some extra room in the bathroom or load up some storage containers with this household essential.

#3: Office supplies

Don’t risk paying a premium for ink cartridges, printer paper, and other office supplies by shopping at a big box retailer or office supply store. Buying office supplies in bulk — especially if you work out of a home office — can save you a few extra trips to the store and, buying when there’s a deal on, can help you save on the overall cost of otherwise costly supplies. Recycled ink cartridges and multi-packs of notepads and notebooks can also make good bulk buys to keep costs down.

#4: Party supplies

Whether you’re planning a few birthdays this year or coordinating a grand wedding event, plan on buying your party supplies online to save time and money. Many online stores that specialize in party supplies — and even sites like Amazon and eBay — offer discounted items and free shipping offers on select orders. If you can’t see yourself shopping multiple stores to find that perfect centerpiece or color-coordinated balloons, hop online to point and click your way through that party supply list. Oriental Trading is a good place to start and Party City is another obvious choice.

#5: Baby products

From diapers and powdered formula to baby wipes and diaper disposal bags, seek out some bulk buys on all those baby basics to save money on the cost of taking care of your little one. Make a master list of supplies you use each month and then put together an estimated usage chart of each item for each month or quarter so you know how much to buy on each order. Word to the wise: Kids grow up fast so make sure you’re not over-stocked on #3 diapers when your baby is ready for #4.

#6: Nonperishable foods

Take care of those midnight snack attacks and keep your pantry stocked by purchasing nonperishables in bulk. You’ll save yourself a few trips to the grocery store — and a few stares from fellow shoppers — by ordering boxes of breakfast cereals, canned foods, dried fruit, and other snacks online and having them shipped directly to your doorstep. Save even more money by taking advantage of recurring purchase discounts like Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program.

Another word to the wise: Make like a grocery store and “rotate for freshness.” Put new products you purchase behind older like products so when you reach in to grab a can of beans, you’re grabbing the oldest can in the cupboard. First in, first out.

You’ll probably save yourself some valuable time when you buy household items online as well. What other items should you always buy in bulk and online? Share in the comments below!