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Five things you need to stop paying full price for

piggybank_360.pngYou’re a bargain hunter and deal go-getter, we get it – we are too. But, are you still paying full price for certain items because you just can’t wait to get your hands on the latest gadget, toy, or recently-released product? If you’re not too keen on paying a premium for some of those must-have goods, you will need a shopping strategy to keep that budget in check.

Here are five things you need to stop paying full price for:

#1: Books and magazines

Gone are the days where you would walk into a bookstore to pay the full price for the new release from your favorite author or the cover price for the latest issue of a magazine. Unless you have stock in the pulp and paper industry, steer clear of the bookstore and magazine racks. If you have an ebook reader, pick up the digital version of a book you want to read on Amazon for less than the cover price of the physical equivalent. You can also save money by opting to buy a used copy of a book from an online retailer instead of buying new.

Many magazines offer tablet-compatible digital versions for less than the cover price of the physical version. If you still prefer the feel and ease of a physical magazine, be sure to take advantage of free trial offers and discounts on subscriptions to reduce the cost-per-issue of your favorite reads.

#2: Gift cards

It’s easy enough to just pick up a gift card from the Apple store on your way back from a shopping spree or head to the store at the mall for a gift card as a last-minute present. However, you may be paying much more than necessary when you buy direct. Check out the selection of discounted gift cards at warehouse clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club or head to sites like CardCash where you can buy and trade gift cards online.

#3: Clothing

Unless your designer clothing splurges are intentional, there really is no reason to pay full price for that new wardrobe. Take advantage of online-only specials from your favorite brands and retailers, and use shopping apps like RetailMeNot to find the best deals and coupons on those clothing purchases.

#4: Concert and Event Tickets

Skip the box office and long lines to get discounted tickets to your favorite sporting event, concert, and attractions from sites like StubHub or ScoreBig. These sites, and others like them, sell tickets at up to 60% off regular prices. They offer everything from tickets to Broadway shows to SeaWorld passes.

You may be able to find some great deals on tickets to local events on Craigslist or local classified ads but the risk of ticket scalping runs high. Do your homework when you’re buying tickets from an independent seller and stick with authorized sellers and resellers to avoid an embarrassing moment at the gate.

#5: Cell Phones

Get paid for your old smartphone and upgrade on sites like ExchangeMyPhone or buy a refurbished phone from your mobile service provider to save money on the cost of the new gadget.

Whether you want to stick with something simple or buy something with all the bells and whistles, there really is no reason to pay the market price for any type of phone — even that Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy the neighbors already have. Be open to the idea of buying a refurbished or open box item to save big on the cost of your new toy.

What are some of your best shopping finds? Share in the comments below!