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#TEAMTING – Melissa Turner

#TEAMTING is a weekly series where we showcase some of our favorite Ting customer stories, whether from an individual, a family, a tech-head or a retiree.

Melissa Turner and her partner live in Minnesota and recently took a step back and had a closer look at their finances.

“Ting makes sense for us because we have just settled down after years of travelling and moving for school. We now have a newborn and are always looking for ways to save for her future as well as ours. It just makes sense.”

Just by switching to Ting, they’re now saving $80 a month on their cell phone bill and still having a great mobile experience.

“Customer service has been outstanding and I feel as if I am a special customer.”

“The bottom line is really the bottom line: being able to customize our phone’s use has been perfect for us and has allowed us to only pay for what we use.”