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The best TV not on TV

Looking for great TV? Don’t waste your time on cable as most of the great TV shows of 2015 are available online. In fact, Netflix was nominated this year for 34 Emmys across a variety of programming, and Amazon received 12 Emmy nominations for shows including House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Transparent and Bosch.

Besides the new, original content offered weekly via Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, and Amazon (covered previously in Cut the Cord), there’s a vast amount of excellent TV content that’s only available online. Some of these shows are produced by, and star, the biggest names in Hollywood.

Top sites for great content

internetarchive Movies
With over 18,000 titles available for free streaming, you will be astounded by what you can find on They have something for everyone from classic movies to contemporary releases, which they keep fresh by adding new titles regularly.

Livestream is one of my favorite free cord cutting services. Their 100% free live content from around the world makes this a must-have service for all cord cutters. Everything from sporting events to the latest music festival, or local news and weather broadcasting, it’s all free on Livestream. With live streams for CNET, Accuweather, The Verge, SB Nation, The New York Times and more, this is a service you will want to check out.

Are you a crafty person or someone who enjoys working around the house? PlanitDIY is the site for how-to and inspirational videos on a wide range of topics. With fun and creative projects to help fix up your house, PlanitDIY brings you a huge library of entertainment and education for the secret DIY’er in everyone.

Red Bull TV
Love extreme sports from BMX to off road racing and much more? Red Bull TV brings you a wide range of content, both live and on demand, that will make any extreme sports fan happy. On top of live events, they also bring you high quality shows on the lifestyle surrounding extreme sports, as well as a broad spectrum of content from sports to music.

Sports Illustrated Roku Channel
Leaving cable does not mean leaving sports! Sports Illustrated brings you exciting sports shows and news clips. From daily news recap shows to weekly shows that focus on individual sports, the Sports Illustrated Roku Channel offers you impressive sports coverage from one of the leading names in sports news.

TED Talks brings you some of the smartest people in the world talking about everything from the latest breakthroughs in science and culture to entertaining pieces of humor and music. The best part, it’s 100% free!

Do you miss the old Tech TV Channel on cable? We have great news for you! Many of the old Tech TV staff now work over at TWiT.TV, which has a ton of great content on demand and a 24/7 stream of tech content. They even brought back the wildly popular The Screen Savers show with a new episode every week.

The largest video site on the web is often overlooked as a great option for cord cutters. With everything from full length original comedy and drama shows to news and informational programs is just packed full of something for everyone.

YouTube Red
Do you love music and great YouTube videos? You should check out the new YouTube Red service that just came out from YouTube. YouTube Red offers unlimited streaming of Music Videos and ad-free streaming of YouTube videos. Starting next year, they will release original content only available from YouTube Red.

This is merely a sampling of the many TV content options for cord cutters. The greatest thing about cord cutting is the tremendous range of content you can access that cable subscribers miss out on. It is exciting to find old favorites and discover new programs as you explore your options. You can watch concerts, sports, movies, TV shows, your favorite holiday classics and more; content that is only available to cord cutters. Remember, some of the best TV out there is not on cable TV.

Make sure to check back next week as we will be talking about how to watch sports as a cord cutter. And let us know about your favorite places to find free TV in the comment section below.