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The new PlayStation Vue review

Sony’s new cord-cutting service, PlayStation Vue, has recently lowered its monthly service price for the second time in a month, and the fourth time since it launched in select markets a year ago.

Sony’s PlayStation Vue service started off at $60 a month and quickly dropped down to $50. A few weeks ago it dropped to $40 a month and now they are offering it at $29.99 per month.

PlayStation Vue is not actually a new cord-cutting service as it has been available in select markets for a year. What’s new is that the service is now available nationwide and at a less expensive rate of $29.99 per month.

“We were intent on bringing this valuable service to broader reach as quickly as possible,” said Dwayne Benefield, VP and head of PlayStation Vue for Sony Network Entertainment International. “With the assortment of channels we have now, we feel we are a strong alternative to current pay-TV providers and new entrants.”

“For us, it’s about having the right content for what we feel is our target demographic,” Benefield said. “We felt when we launched, the live local broadcasts were paramount, but our customers have been clamoring for these packages — most of the customer service calls that were coming in were, ‘Hey, when is it coming to my city?’”


Although PlayStation Vue offers live streams from 55 cable channels plus on-demand content, it will not offer live content from ABC, FOX, and NBC for the $29.99 price. It will, however, offer content from those networks at a price tag upwards of $39.99, but only to older select markets where the PlayStation Vue service was originally marketed.

For cord cutters who want more than 55 channels, there are other plans from which to choose. At $34.99 PlayStation Vue offers 70+ channels, one of which is BTN. Another plan offering 100+ channels is available for $44.99.

Since Fox Regional Sports Network is part of its service, PlayStation Vue may be an excellent way for cord cutters to view sports they could not get in the past. Even better, since there is no long-term contract, you can sign up and cancel at any time. Do you want ESPN and Fox Sports 1 only for the football season but not for the rest of the year? No problem, just cancel your account as soon as football season is over.

There are a few drawbacks to Sony’s PlayStation Vue you need to know about right away.

First, the service only works at your home. If you try to log in at work, or at a hotel, you will receive an error message stating you cannot view the service outside your home. Some networks, like WatchESPN, allow you to use your PlayStation Vue account to log into their apps. However, not all networks support the PlayStation Vue on their apps for viewing outside the house.

Second, Chromecast users will need a supported iOS device to use the service because there isn’t a PlayStation Vue app for Android phones or tablets. This is a slightly surprising omission considering Sony makes Android phones.

PlayStation Vue is available on PlayStation 4, Google Chromecast, PS3, Amazon Fire TV, and Fire TV Stick. Vue is also available on iPad and iPhone through the PlayStation Vue mobile app.

Sound interesting? If you want to try out the service, Sony is offering a free seven-day trial of the PlayStation Vue TV service.