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The Ting $100,000 ETF Payout

UPDATE: The Ting $100,000 promotion is over.

While it’s too late to have us cover your early termination fees with this specific promotion, we’re always coming up with new and interesting ways to mix things up. If you’d like to be among the first to know the next time we come up with a way to help the mobile contract-afflicted, sign up here. Also, it behooves us to say, promotion or no promotion, you’d probably still save money on mobile with Ting.

UPDATE: The Ting $100,000 ETF page is now live! The button to “Reserve your spot” will direct you to the signup form starting Feb. 1, 2013 at 12:01 ET (GMT -5:00)

UPDATE: Check out the Ting $100,000 ETF payout FAQ

We hear from people all the time that they’re going to make the move to Ting… just as soon as their current mobile contract is up. We hate to see people toil under the yoke of mobile oppression (not to overstate things). We’ve decided to take matters into our own hands.

We’ve set aside $100,000 to pay off Ting switchers’ early termination fees (ETFs) over the entire month of February.

On Feb 1, the Ting $100,000 ETF payoff page will go live (we’ll update this post with the link). Continuing through the end of the month, Ting will be paying off the early termination fees (ETF) up to $350 per line for anyone that’s ready to ditch their mobile contract and come over to Ting.

We’re not buying out your contract and asking you to sign a new one; Ting is (and always will be) contract-free. Your ETF payment comes in the form of a non-expiring service credit dropped straight into your Ting account.

Why, we hear you asking in earnest? Well, because we’re pretty sure that after you give us a try, you’ll stick around long after your Ting credit has run through and you’ll join the ranks of happy Ting customers, saving money, living contract free and taking advantage of all Ting has to offer

How it works

You can buy a device now in preparation for the Feb 1 campaign launch if you wish but you’re not required to do so. You have the option to purchase a new or refurbished Ting device, buy a used Sprint device that’s ready to come to Ting or bring an eligible, inactive Sprint device that you’re no longer using.

When the campaign launches on Feb 1, hit the Ting $100,000 ETF page (again, we’ll update with the link) to secure your slice of the $100,000 ETF payout fund. Within 30 days, you’ll need to activate your device, port your mobile number to Ting and send us your ETF documents. We’ll then drop a credit for the full ETF amount into your Ting account.

We’re not into setting limits but in this case, we must: We’ll be paying out the ETF up to the maximum per line which, depending on your carrier, can be as high as $350. You can bring over multiple lines and we’ll give you up to the $350 max for each line.

We’ll pay out ETFs for any contract that was in effect or that wasn’t renewed / extended before Jan 16, 2013: the day we pre-announced this promotion.

So why are we telling you about this now at the obvious risk of having a bunch of people who are in a mobile contract hold off from making the move to Ting until our ETF buyout program is online? Simple. This promotion is not retroactive; we’d hate to spring this on you the day after you paid out your ETF and made the move to Ting. We figure we’ll give a heads up and you can decide what to do with all the available information. Just don’t sign another mobile contract between now and February 1, 2013, OK?

Are you stuck in a mobile contract? Do you know what your early termination fee would be if you cancelled? Let us know in the comments below.

Check out the Ting $100,000 ETF payout FAQ