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The Ting No Contract Mobile Service Experience Explained

We’ve got a video to share. It doesn’t involve cats. There are no stunts gone horribly awry. Alas, no shirtless adonisses (adoni?) inviting you to smell like them.

Rather, it’s a cool tween animated video done in the great pen and ink drawings that you see around the website. The drawings are from our awesome and talented illustrator Steve Murray. The animation and video editing was done by the similarly awesome and talented Sean McLeod.

Perhaps you’re still hung up on “tween animated?”

When we say tween-animated video, we’re not saying it was put together by the Bieber-loving, Disney Channel watching set. We here at Ting are staunchly against tween labor. Especially in the arts. Rather, we’re talking about an animation style where the editor / animator sets a motion path and chooses start and end point for the different on-screen elements. Video editing software generates the intermediate frames between those two states to create a smooth motion. “Inbetweening” or “tweening.”