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Ting at CES 2015

‘Tis the season to see what people will be begging for when ’tis the season much later this year.

That is to say, we’re here at CES 2015, the annual outpouring of consumer tech in Las Vegas, NV. We’ll be roaming the show floor, looking for what’s interesting and we’ll be reporting back to you here on the Ting blog as we go.


If you’re not familiar with the trade show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show (now it’s just CES, thank you very much) it’s the key event on the geek calendar. Pretty much every new technology that’s come to the fore was first shown publicly at CES.

OLED? HDTV? 4K TV? 3D TV? Bendable and permanently curved displays? Blu-ray and its ill-fated competitor HD-DVD? The newest iPhone? Saw them all at CES. At CES, you see everything from roaming telepresence robots wheeling around to garage door-sized curved ultra HD TVs that make the one sitting in your living room look like a tablet.

We won’t be doing exhaustive coverage from the show floor. We’ll leave that to the likes of Engadget, The Verge and maybe Gizmodo, if they’re to be allowed in this year. Rather, we’ll be looking for the stuff that’s relevant to Ting and Ting customers.

I’m particularly excited this year because, with Ting coming online on a GSM network and with our first steps into gigabit fiber Internet access and all that entails, the 2015 show is more relevant than ever.

When Ting first started, I attended CES 2012 with a mandate to do and to cover whatever I thought was interesting. Not bad, as mandates go. At that time, I was struck by the fact that the wide world of mobile devices was narrowed significantly for non-GSM carriers. This year, rather than asking if a particular device is Ting-ready, we can rightly assume that it is.

I’ll be keeping a eye out for the latest and greatest phones, tablets and other Ting-ready gear.

As Ting expands into the world of fixed access and all that entails, I’ll also be looking for interesting solutions that improve on the traditional cable delivery methods for Internet, home phone and TV.

CES always has a few fun surprises in store, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for those too. Stay tuned! You can follow the CES tag here on the Ting blog to keep up with the latest. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see any videos we upload.

Into the fray!