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Ting drops data prices to $10 GB beyond the first gig

data prices

Today, we’re dropping our data prices to $10 per gigabyte beyond the 1 GB Large level.

If you’ve been looking at Ting but the data cost just seemed too high, you should re-do your calculations.

If you’re already a Ting customer, you simply pay less for data, starting with your next full billing cycle. You don’t have to call and threaten to cancel your account in order to get transferred to our retention department for us to extend this new pricing to you. Just as well really, given that we don’t actually have a specific retention department.

Take a look at the rates page to see some changes.

Ting data levels and pricing

  • Medium: (Up to 500 MB) Was $12 Now $10
  • Large: (Up to 1 GB) Was $19 Now $16
  • XL: (Up to 2 GB) Was $29 Now $20
  • XL+: Was $15/GB Now $10/GB

We shouldn’t have to point this out but because of the industry’s proclivity for hidden fees, bait and switch and otherwise robbing Peter to pay Paul, we do: We’re not charging more for minutes or messages now to compensate. The $6 per phone monthly line cost isn’t going up. Data is simply less expensive overall on Ting.

You might notice that per unit pricing beyond the XL (2 GB) level is by the gig. We decided to conform to this particular industry norm in large part because it’s easier for potential customers to make comparisons with other plans and then decide to come to Ting. That said, we refused to make the change at a cost to current customers. We modeled this new pricing across our entire customer base over several months to be sure that everyone wins and pays less, or at least the same.

Why is this price drop happening now?
Subtext: What took you so long?

When you strip away all the affectations, we’re in the time-tested business of buying wholesale and selling retail. We have wholesale relationships with our carrier partners and we’re always looking to get the best deal we can for our customers.

We have been working with said carrier partners to negotiate better data rates for some time. We were successful and as was always the plan, we’re passing those savings on to our customers, new and old, immediately.

Michael Goldstein, VP of Sales and Marketing for Ting, perhaps says it best in this Ask video.

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See what you could save

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