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Ting Hangout – Nov 29 at 2pm ET

On November 29 at 2pm ET we’ll be doing a Google+ Hangout with members of the Ting team. We’ll be talking about everything from our bring your own device efforts and our own device lineup to our plans for the end of the year, for 2013 and beyond. We’ll touch on Ting for Business, we’ll get one of our talented developers up to talk about the ideas behind Ting control panel 2.0 and the recent changes to our devices pages as well as what’s next for the site as a whole. We’ll have swag. Someone will be walking away with a sweet new phone.

We’ll even talk candidly about our iPhone and Windows Phone; where we are, where we’re hoping to go and how we plan to get there.

We’ll also have celebrity guests*

It’s going to be a super fantastic online streaming party and everyone’s invited.

We’ll take all your questions via email ( Twitter (@TingFTW, #TingHang) or by phone (phone number coming soon).

The event will be live on Google+ and live streaming to our YouTube channel.

November 29, 2pm ET. Mark it.

*presence of celebrity guests depends very much on your definition of the word celebrity.