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Ting Internet: It’s alive! Release notes: June 2, 2015

Move over Al Gore, we’ve invented Ting Internet.

You’ll find a brand new Ting Internet homepage, including the first iteration of our speed comparison tool to help visualize the difference between the average U.S. connection and a Ting gigabit Internet connection.

You’ll also find new Ting Town blogs—at and—where you can follow our progress, find out when we’re participating in local events and check your address to see if you’re in an area that can get Ting gigabit Internet service! There, you’ll see an address autocomplete tool that we plan to test in advance of a wider rollout that will eventually include Ting mobile service address checks.

The new Ting Internet order flow is not dissimilar from our current activation or device order flow. As always, your feedback will be really helpful in tweaking and improving the Ting Internet ordering experience. We’ll all be keeping our ears to the ground. To listen. For stuff that’s happening above, on, or under the ground.

New and refreshed pages for becoming a Ting-friendly apartment building or for expressing interest in becoming a Ting Internet town also are launching today.

Ting mobile

We’ve added several devices to the Ting shop. Full details on those devices (and a few others) will hit the Ting blog with our next device update blog post, coming soon. These new devices ship from our fulfillment HQ in Starkville, Mississippi.

We’re continuing to work through international roaming so it’s smarter for our customers and less attractive for ne’er-do-wells. The goal is to protect us from fraud and save customers from a potential bill shock. International roaming tends to be quite expensive. We’ve always been proponents of picking up an inexpensive pre-paid SIM card when you reach your destination so you pay local rates instead of exorbitant international rates.

International roaming is turned off by default for new accounts. It can be enabled by calling into the Ting help desk. In a later iteration of the Ting control panel, we’ll introduce an easy way to turn international roaming on for accounts in good standing.

Last but not least, we’ve updated our Terms of Service. Part of this was out of necessity, making way for the things we need to say around our new Ting Internet service, installation, and requirements. We also took the opportunity to translate as much of our ToS as possible into plain English. It’s a big change (at least if you measure it by our lawyers’ level of uncomfortable squirming). You’ll also find a firm commitment to net neutrality and a reaffirmed commitment to customer privacy in there.

That’s it for now. Better get back to it. This fiber Internet isn’t going to light itself.

We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to share in the comments below.