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The Ting Mobile network: What network does Ting use?

An image of a cell phone tower with stylized lines indication the signal issuing forth

“What network does Ting use?” It’s a question we hear a lot. The answer is that Ting Mobile offers service on every network except AT&T. 

It’d be nice if we had a more direct answer but for reasons we won’t get into here (but that we did get into there), we can’t invoke the names of the Ting Mobile network partners by name in a public venue like this blog, on social media, in advertisements and so on.

If you want a straight answer, the question has to be posed in a private as opposed to public channel; email our support team, open a chat or give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk about it

What we can say is that there is no Ting Mobile network per se, as in we don’t build or operate any networks. We’re an MVNO or “Mobile Virtual Network Operator.” That means Ting Mobile customers get the same access as a customer of the big guys with better customer service at a lower cost. 

It’s all about coverage

“What network does Ting use?” is really just a shortcut to “what kind of coverage can I expect with Ting Mobile?” That’s a question we can answer.

With Ting Mobile, you get the same coast-to-coast coverage as you would with the big guys (except AT&T). You just pay less for it.

You get fast data including LTE and access to the ever-expanding 5G coverage map. Where some carriers opt to charge more for access to 5G or even LTE, we don’t. As far as we’re concerned, data is data regardless of which network technology is used. 

Which network will I be on?

Not being able to talk about networks (except AT&T) by name does pose a bit of a communications challenge. Again, the only way we can discuss what networks Ting Mobile uses is in a one on one conversation; an email, call or chat.

What we can say is that you’ll be placed on the right network for you, considering:

  • It’s not AT&T
  • Coverage in your area
  • 5G availability
  • Your phone

If you have a specific network preference just reach out and we’ll be happy to talk through options and get you on the network you want.

Great coverage, lower cost

Ting Mobile offers service on all but one of the nationwide US mobile networks. That means as a Ting Mobile customer you’ll get the same coverage you would with the major networks. You’ll just pay less and have a better experience. Check out Ting Mobile plans to learn more.