Ting Refer a Friend Program Goes Live

Tons of Ting customers have asked us for a Refer a Friend program. We take that to be a good sign. After all, you’re not about to ask us for sharing tools to refer your friends to a service that sucks, right?

We’re happy to take the wraps off the Ting Refer a Friend program. With this program, you can refer your friends to Ting. In other words, it’s aptly named.

We’ll give each friend you refer a $25 credit they can use toward purchasing a device. When they activate a device, we’ll drop a $25 service credit into your account.

If you’re a Ting customer, simply log into your account page. Effective today, you’ll see a new Refer a Friend link on the right-hand side of the page. Click here and you’ll be taken to your referral page, complete with your unique referral URL. Send this URL to your friends and if they click through then sign up for Ting service, your $25 credit and their $25 discount will be automatically applied.

We’ve also integrated sharing tools on the referral page including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and an email button. These will share your custom URL so you can sit back and watch the service credits roll in.

We genuinely appreciate how much the Ting community has asked for this Refer a Friend program. We’re happy to hear you’re ready and willing to spread the love. If you’re persuasive and particularly popular, you could conceivably never pay a Ting bill again thanks to all your accrued service credits.

We’d consider that a win-win.

Log in to your account today and let the referrals begin.