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Turn off Facebook’s video auto-play feature on iOS

You know what’s cool?

Not letting Facebook tell you how to live your life. Specifically when it comes to videos auto-playing in your newsfeed.

Oh sure, video auto-play can be handy. But it can also use a considerable amount of mobile data without your permission.

Today’s Ting Tip will show you how to disable auto-play from the app’s settings menu. Follow along using our step-by-step GIF instruction guide below!

Using an Android device? We’ve got you covered.

Step 1

In the Facebook app, tap More in the bottom-right hand, scroll down and tap Account Settings.


Step 2

Tap Videos and Photos, then tap Auto-play.


Step 3

Select the auto-play option that best suits you.

One thing to note, Facebook as a platform exclusive feature for iOS called Smart Auto-play. This mode will optimize the video experience based on a variety of external factors including battery life, your carrier and location. It will, however, still auto-play video. So If you want to save on bandwidth, we suggest selecting Use Wi-Fi only or Never Play Video Automatically.


Full disclosure: Paul is a shareholder in Facebook. He owns exactly one share, making him a share-holder in the most literal sense.

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