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Reduce your cellular data usage with Wi-Fi Assistant


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Google has rolled out a new feature for Nexus and Pixel smartphones that automatically connects your device to public Wi-Fi hotspots nearby. To keep your personal information safe, Wi-Fi Assistant creates a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which routes all of your data through a secure server managed by Google.

Not to be mistaken with the iPhone’s Wi-Fi Assist function, enabling Wi-Fi Assistant can significantly lower your mobile data usage if you’re often near malls, restaurants and other areas with public Wi-Fi. Keep in mind, though, that Wi-Fi Assistant will not work if the public Wi-Fi network requires you to sign in.

It’s as simple as enabling a toggle in the settings menu – find out how in our instructions below.


Open the android settingsAndroid Settings app and tap Google. Scroll down and tap NetworkingEnable Wi-Fi Assistant and let the data savings begin.


If you manually connect to a public Wi-Fi network, you can still take advantage of Wi-Fi Assistant’s secure VPN. Right after connecting, you’ll be prompted with the option to secure it through Google’s VPN.

*Nexus phones must be running at least Android 5.1 Lollipop in order to access Wi-Fi Assistant.

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