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Unlock the full power of Google Assistant

Unlock the full power of Google Assistant

GooglenowmiciconblogGoogle Assistant is an “intelligent personal assistant” native to the Android platform (available for iOS in the Apple App Store) that lets you command your phone with your voice.

Recently, Google Assistant was updated to let users use the voice prompt (“Ok Google”) from anywhere across your phone. No longer do you have to take your eyes off the road while navigating with Google Maps – just say “Ok Google, what’s my next turn.” When you’re getting ready for work, just say “Ok Google, what’s the weather like outside” to see if you’ll need a jacket.

There’s a wide variety of useful voice commands you can discover, whether you’d like to stay safer while driving, text without taking off your winter gloves or just try and impress your friends. Many of the newer Android devices also include what was previously a Motorola exclusive (and the finishing touch for a top-notch Google Assistant experience), “Touchless Control,” which lets you prompt with “Ok Google” even when your screen is turned off and the phone is idle.

All it takes is flipping a switch in the settings menu to instantly take advantage of all the hands-free goodness that Google Assistant has to offer.

Get a quick tutorial below.

Open Google Assistant (called Google Assistant app logo Google in the app drawer) > Tap the Menu icon menu button in the top left > SettingsVoice > “Ok Google” detection > Enable From any screen or Always on 

From any screen (left image) is available on older phones. Once enabled, “Ok Google” will work anytime the screen is on or the device is charging.

Always on (right image) is available on newer phones. Once enabled, “Ok Google” will work at all times, no matter if the screen is on or off.

Like to learn more about using Google Assistant? We shared five things you didn’t know Google Assistant could do in a previous article on the Ting blog.

There’s even more to dig into with Google Assistant, including Now on Tap, a feature that looks at everything shown on your smartphone screen and pulls relevant information relating to the text it scrapes.

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