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How to be frugal: eight tips to help you save money and change your life

how to be frugal

How to be frugal in eight simple ways

If you haven’t heard about the cult of thrift, it’s basically a lifestyle commitment to saving more and spending less. Sounds simple, right? Being thrifty or frugal can look easy on its face, but it requires some real mental realignment in terms of how you move through the world as a shopper and spender. We’re going to show you how to be frugal. It’s not hard to save money when you have the right tools and the right outlook on life.

Read on for our intro to frugal living, and how spending less relates to retiring early, getting out of debt and more.

Best shopping apps for the holiday season

best shopping apps

Looking to save money this holiday season? Here’s our list of the best shopping apps

Frugal, savvy spenders will want to check out this roundup of the best shopping apps. It’s never too early to start thinking about holiday shopping, especially if you want to crush your budget goals and get the best deals.

We’ve covered lots of money saving apps here on the Ting Blog, and the three apps we’ll talk about today will help you save and be a more conscious shopper. You don’t have to break the bank to get everyone on your list the perfect gift. We’ve put together a list of apps and some other helpful shopping hacks to get the best price no matter what you’re looking to buy.

Our remap Bixby button S8 Ting Tip: how to reassign your Bixby button

remap bixby button s8
As far as assistants go, Bixby seems to be one of the less popular options out there. If you love your Samsung Galaxy S8, but hate Bixby, here’s a Bixby button remapper you might want to try.

With the Bixby Button Remapper app | Android | you can change your Bixby button action to a new shortcut. You can open another app, open the camera app or even turn your flashlight on. Remap Bixby button to Google Assistant or disable the Bixby button completely. It’s entirely up to you.

Can I keep my phone number? Yes, you can. Here’s how.

Ting keep phone number

How to port over to Ting, keep phone number

You can keep your current phone number when you switch to Ting. In industry parlance, we call this “porting” a number. This article will walk you through the basics of keeping your current phone number when you grab a Ting SIM card and activate it.

Our Ting port process is pretty easy, but if you run into any trouble along the way, we’re here to help by chat, email and phone.

A couple “need to knows” before you get started

    • Don’t cancel your current service just yet. A phone number has to be active in order for us to port it.
    • Give it a little time. Phone numbers can take up to 24 hours to transfer, but we usually see them come through pretty quickly in just a few hours in the same business day. Before you start your transfer process make sure you don’t need to be immediately reached on your cell.

The full guide to fiber Internet – download the What is fiber Internet? ebook today

What is fiber Internet

What is fiber Internet? Download our ebook

Fiber Internet is totally different from the Internet most of us are used to. From slow and sluggish connections to bloated bandwidth, we’ve all experienced bad Internet, but what about great Internet?

We cover all the exciting stuff of fiber in our latest ebook, What is fiber Internet?

Download a copy today and learn more about the fastest Internet available today.

Save on your textbooks this year with digital ebooks and old-school options


Save with digital textbooks, ebooks and old-school paper

It’s no secret that textbooks can be a huge financial burden on students. Being smart about how you purchase or rent books can bring the cost down in a big way. We’re going to talk about some ways to save on textbooks by going digital or being savvy when buying real books.

Keep in mind, the digital textbook market is far from all-encompassing and is certainly more attuned to the needs of students studying Dickens and Shakespeare than those hunting down the 9th edition of some obscure quantum physics textbook. We’re going to scale out some of the players in the digital textbook market and see how Amazon, Google and Apple stack up.

If you love paper or have little success finding digital copies of your books, don’t worry. We’ve included some old-school, tried and true tips as well as a few affordable online retail aggregators of second-hand books and textbooks for rent.

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