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Check if your phone will work on Ting with our IMEI checker app

Ting-compatibility-checker-appIntroducing the new Ting compatibility checker app for Android.

Since we added a GSM network to Ting mobile, over 80% of smartphones made in the last few years will work on Ting. You gotta like those odds. The issue becomes making it easy for people to check whether their phone will work on Ting.

We’ve had some form of our Ting IMEI checker online since the early days. Not too long ago, we launched the Ting compatibility checker app and while it’s super simple, we think it’s some next-level stuff.

Restrict background data: how to reduce your data usage in Android

Restrict background data

Restrict background data and save money

At Ting, we like to think that anyone can save on their mobile bill by changing their mobile habits. One big way to save is to ask yourself if you can restrict background data and limit how much mobile data you use every month.

It’s worth knowing that despite your best efforts, some apps continue to use data in the background even while you don’t have them open. There are many Android apps that, without your knowledge, will go ahead and connect to your cellular network even when the app is closed.

Background data usage can wrack up quite a bit of MB. The good news is, you can reduce data usage. All you have to do is turn off background data. We’ll show you how to restrict background data on your Android phone and cut any lingering data usage.

What is an IMEI number: should I give out my IMEI?

What is an IMEI number? The VIN of the mobile world

If you’ve ever looked at used cars, you know the importance of running a vehicle identification number (VIN) check before you commit to anything. This little 17-character string says a lot about the car you’re looking at.

If you’ve ever sold a used car privately, you know that the VIN is among the first things a serious buyer will ask for. Providing it shows you’re acting in good faith. Not providing it is probably a deal breaker.

The mobile phone world has an analog to automotive VIN. It’s called the IMEI. What that stands for isn’t important for this discussion, though you may sometimes see different initialisms (MEID, ESN) for what is, in effect, the same idea: a unique identifier that says a lot about a device. If you’re interested in bringing your own device to Ting, you’ll be asked for this number in order to find out if it’s compatible.

tl;dr: Used device buyers: Always ask for the IMEI. Don’t buy without it. Used device sellers: If a buyer asks for a phone’s IMEI and seems cool, provide it.

oo, what is my IMEI number? The easiest way to find the IMEI of just about any smartphone is by simply opening the phone dialer and inputting *#06#. The IMEI will pop up on the screen. Here’s the same information in animated GIF form (the best of all the forms).

Finding an IMEI – Android.
Finding an IMEI – iPhone.

Beat cell phone addiction: how to use your phone mindfully

cell phone addiction

We’ve heard customers say that on Ting, every month can feel like a game to keep their bill lower and lower. Our customers are pretty aware of how they use their phones, and many of them are engaging in mindfulness exercises without even thinking about it. Got a cell phone addiction? You can free yourself from the constant messages, pings and alerts with a few simple changes to your mobile habits.

In some instances, we’ve seen people switch back to flip phones and feature phones, because a smartphone is just too tempting, but you can certainly still have a smartphone and engage with it in a mindful way.

How to break phone addiction? Here’s a digital detox you can actually do

If you find yourself checking your phone too often in a day or you’re starting to think of your notifications as more stressful interrupters than helpful reminders, it might be time to take a little digital detox. How to break phone addiction? Start by taking a serious look at how you use your phone, and start applying some principles of mindfulness to your phone use.

Ting Mobile is the phone provider that helps you use your phone less. On Ting, you only pay for the text, minutes and megabytes you actually use. When you use less, you pay less. See if Ting is right for you. We encourage you to use your phone less, and give you tips and tricks to do so, to help you save on your cell phone bill so you can spend on what you love.

File taxes online: Our favorite apps for tax season

File taxes online

Use your phone to file taxes online this tax season

The best tax season apps let you file taxes online right from your phone and keep you organized all year long.

Take a look at what’s out there and choose the app that’s right for you. Know that in the world of taxes, these services are rarely free. When you file your taxes in person you’re typically charged a fee for the service, right? A couple of the options below are no different, but we did find one free service you might want to check out.

We’ll point out some features of each and let you know where one app might get the edge up on another. Always read the app descriptions thoroughly so there aren’t any surprises in terms of fees.

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