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Get a $50 Gift Card when you activate on Ting’s CDMA network Gift Card

We get it – with so many cell phone providers out there, it can be tough choosing a new one. We’re proud to say that more and more people are joining the Ting Mobile network thanks to our smarter approach to mobile. You’ll pay only for what you use while enjoying our two nationwide LTE networks, top-rated customer support and ability to track and control your usage with customized alerts and limits set by you.  We never lock you into a contract or plan – in fact, we encourage you to bring your own phone and number! Thanks to our great rates and regular cost-saving advice, the average Ting Mobile bill is just $23 per phone. 

Honestly, we might be a bit obsessed with saving our customers money. That’s why we’re offering new customers a way to save outside of their phone bill (seriously, we might have a problem. Works out well for you guys though, ammarite?). Activate your phone on Ting’s Sprint (CDMA) network and we’ll give you a $50 gift card you can use to buy whatever your little e-shopping heart desires in the country’s largest online marketplace. That’s right – as a thank you for trying out the mobile service designed to save you money, we’ll send you a gift card that’ll save you more money on pretty much any item you can imagine. 

How’s it work? It’s easy as pie (and darn near as satisfying). Sign up via the Gift Card landing page between today and November 17. Activate on Ting’s Sprint network, and then after $100 in service or six months in which there’s active mobile usage – whichever comes first – we’ll send your $50 Gift Card right to the inbox of the email you signed up with. To make sure every little aspect of the offer is crystal clear, we created this nifty little FAQ

While this offer is only for new customers, we always like to make sure our current valued customers have a way to get a couple of bills in their pockets as well. If you’re already with Ting Mobile, pass this offer on to a friend who needs rescuing from a bloated cell phone plan using our referral program. When someone activates on Ting using your unique code, you’ll get $50 for your first referral and $25 for each referral after that. 

Ready to give Ting a try and get a well-deserved gift-to-self? Sign up and activate through the special offer page. Enjoy your $50 gift card and start experiencing smarter mobile!