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App of the Week: Instructables

Want to create a portable air conditioner? How about building your very own electric guitar?
If you like to start from scratch, today’s App of the Week is the perfect match.

Instructables is the place to find step-by-step instructions on all sorts of neat projects. With over 100,000 user-submitted tutorials, it’s perfect for exploring tons of awesome creations and satisfying your DIY desires. Instructables offers everything from jewelery and recipes, to life hacks and renovations.

Have a homemade invention you’d like to share? Submit your step-by-step tutorial directly from the app! Instructables also runs user submitted contests every month. Right now, the “On a Budget” contest calls for creations that will help you save money. If your submission gets selected, you could win an iPad Mini, Cuisinart Vaccuum Sealer and more.

Available on Android and iOS, learn more about Instructables in our App of the Week below.

App of the Week: Ting’s top five of 2014

After a years worth of research, we’ve reviewed a lot of mobile apps for our weekly series. Whether you’re looking to sort out your finances, stay organized or kill some time on the subway, we hoped to include something useful for everyone throughout 2014.

We thought we’d compile our favorite App of the Week’s from the past year in a single video, and after some passionate discussions, finally came to a decision. From improving productivity to mindless entertainment, this yearly highlight reel lists five apps that definitely deserve a double-take.

Here’s Kyra with our top five apps of 2014 and a short explanation of each. Links to the specific app reviews (and direct downloads) are listed below this video. For a complete list of apps we’ve reviewed, click our App of the Week tag.

Hope you enjoy this compilation and look forward to discovering even more awesome apps throughout 2015!

App of the Week: Twilight

Twilight filters out the bright blue light emitted from your smartphone display and adds a warm, red tint instead.

If you ever use your mobile device before bed, it’s worth checking out. The red hue addition is much easier on the eyes and has been proven to help you conk out more quickly at night. You can also change Twilight’s filter settings to customize when it runs, such as only before bed, or all the time.

It’s similar to the computer app f.lux, except for your Android device.

Twilight is free on Google Play and includes a pro upgrade for $2.50. Learn more in Kyra’s review below.

App of the Week: Ibotta

Want to save even more on your Black Friday purchases?

Ibotta differs from your typical coupon app. Instead of redeeming discounts at the checkout counter or browsing the web for promo codes, you interact with brands to unlock product rebates before you go shopping.

If you don’t mind learning a fact, taking a poll or submitting a testimonial, it’s a simple way to get hooked up with cold hard cash. After purchasing your goods, just take a picture of your receipt, scan the product barcode and get paid.

If you’re planning on stocking up at a big-box or warehouse store, you can make back bank using ibotta. Categorized listings sort by product type and store to help you take advantage of all the rebates available inside the app.

Cash back rebates are available at over 100,000 stores all across the United States.

Ibotta is available on Android and iOS. Learn more about this app in Kyra’s review below!

App of the Week: Doorsteps Swipe

Doorsteps Swipe helps you find a new home with the flick of your finger. Similar to the popular dating app Tinder, you choose a set of preferences and are presented with options that fit your interests.

Scroll through photos to decide if a home suits what you’re looking for. Swiping right will save a property, swiping left means you’re not interested. Your liked listings will be shown on a separate page to help you narrow down the decision making process before reaching out to learn more.

Even if you’re not currently thinking of buying, it’s a great way to see what’s out there and get some insight into current market prices.

Doorsteps Swipe is currently only available on iOS. We’re hoping an Android version will be released in the near future, so stay on the lookout! Learn more about this useful app in Kyra’s review below.

App of the Week: Hangouts

Have a Wi-Fi connection at home or work? Don’t spend a cent on a voice minute ever again!

Hangouts is a communication app, similar to Skype and Whatsapp, for calling, texting and video chatting on your mobile device. Google recently released a Hangouts update that lets you to call anywhere in the US or Canada using the internet, not your mobile voice minutes. Hop on a Wi-Fi connection and any call you make inside Hangouts is entirely free!

Hangouts is available on Google Play and the App Store. Android users, take note. You’ll need to pick up the accompanying Hangouts Dialer to add calling to your Hangouts app.

Learn more about Hangouts in our App of the Week below.