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Warehouse sale part 3

Our warehouse sale is now in week three, and we’ve got some more great deals on some more great devices. This week we have four featured devices with dollar off discounts up to $26. Savings are compounded by the $20 in Ting credit that comes along with each featured device purchase.

In other words, $26 off the Galaxy Note II plus a $20 Ting credit for each one purchased = $46 in savings per new Note II bought in the sale period.

High-end smartphone:

Samsung Galaxy Note II – Sold out!
Samsung Galaxy Note II – Refurbished $14 off at $347 + $20 in Ting credit ($34 in savings).

Mid-range smartphone:

Kyocera Milano – Sold out!
Samsung Conquer – Refurbished – Sold out!

This promotion period runs from today, October 16 until Wednesday, October 22 at 11:59 PM. Once the promotion period ends, we’ll drop $20 Ting credits into Ting accounts for each featured device purchase in the promotion period.

If you’re looking to pick up a new phone or add an additional device to your account, there really is no time like the present. Once these devices are gone from our warehouse, many of them are gone for good.

Not seeing anything you really like and maybe hoping the last week of the sale will have something a little more befitting a person of your obvious esteem? Follow along with the sale! Next week, we’ll have a whole new batch of devices on offer… and maybe a few we’ve already featured too.