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Watch the Super Bowl without cable


Super Bowl 50 is upon us and, thanks to how cord-cutting friendly it will be this year, it’s poised to have one of the biggest audiences ever.

You can watch Super Bowl 50 at home without cable. The biggest US sports event is the friendliest one yet for cord cutters.

From the very beginning of Super Bowl history, there have been a wide range of restrictions that prevented some from watching. Take the very first Super Bowl back in 1967, for example. Fans were eager to watch the showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers, but, ironically, if you lived in the home market of either of those teams, you couldn’t watch it because of restrictions put in place by the NFL.

In years past, if you lived outside of antenna range of the station broadcasting the Super Bowl, you were just out of luck. Now, for the first time ever, the game will be free, not only over the air, but on PCs and media players too. That’s fantastic news for football fans who live out of range and for anyone that has recently cut the cord.

If you want to know how to watch Super Bowl 50 without cable TV, for free, allow us offer a few suggestions.

Over the air

The first and best option is still to get a good strong antenna that can pick up CBS in your area. Not only will you get to watch the Super Bowl for free and in HD, it will also be as close to live as TV can get. Unlike streaming, over-the-air TV does not lag a few seconds behind the action (something that can result in your phone alerts giving away what is about to happen).

If you don’t have an antenna yet, I would recommend using to run a report on which kind of antenna you need for your area. It’s important to make sure the antenna you get is powerful enough to pick up the station before you spend the money. Need more help? Check out our guides on choosing an antenna and setting it up your antenna to pick up free stations, like CBS, over the air.


Have a laptop or device with a web browser that you want to use to watch the game? Check out the CBS Sports site for a live stream of the game. The only device this will not work with is a cell phone. Cell phones, because of the NFL deal with Verizon, can only access the game if you subscribe to certain Verizon plans. (You know how much we love deals like this – Ed.

Streamed to your TV

Unlike last year, when NBC was the only one streaming the Super Bowl on their website, CBS will offer the game on Xbox One, Apple TV, and Roku. Just search for CBS Sports in the app store of each device, install it, and from there you will be all set to watch the game, 100% free and in beautiful HD.

One exception is the Chromecast. CBS Sports’ Android and iOS apps do support the Chromecast, but only a Verizon device you will allow you to cast it to your Chromecast. It’s all totally logical.

Audio coverage

SiriusXM: If you have SiriusXM Radio, they will live stream both local and national feeds of Super Bowl 50. Learn more about SiriusXM NFL coverage.

Tunein Radio App: If you are in your car, or just want audio coverage of breaking news, check out the TuneIn app. They will have a live stream of the Super Bowl audio feed from both teams as well as the national feed. While it’s not free, TuneIn’s new subscription service does offer a free trial that would allow you to listen to the game for free as a newcomer.

Tunein also has many apps for smart TVs and boxes like Roku. You can find the right app for your devices, or stream it live in your browser.


In Spanish

For the first time, ESPN will be bringing the Super Bowl live to Spanish-speaking fans on ESPN Deportes. Sling TV and Sling Latino customers nationwide will have access to ESPN Deportes’ week-long Super Bowl coverage. Sling TV customers who subscribe to the “Best of Live TV” package can add the “Best of Spanish TV” for an additional $5 a month. If you only want Spanish channels, you can sign up for Sling Latino for just $12 per month and have access to the Super Bowl on ESPN Deportes. New to Sling TV? Then you can take advantage of their 7-day free trial offer to watch Super Bowl 50 for free on your TV, computer or device.

The Super Bowl is projected to have 120 million viewers this year, and for cord cutters the game will not only be free over the air, but also on PCs and media players. It’s kind of a big deal. That said, it is but one game of a countless many across several networks that are now available to those who cut the cord for good. There are numerous options available for viewing everything from the NFL to the PGA. If you’re interested, check out our guide on watching your favorite sports after you cancel cable.

Do you know of a free way to watch Super Bowl 50 that we didn’t include here? Let us know how you plan to watch the Bowl this year by leaving your comment below.